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Mara Siegler New York Post Page Six Foul play – asked by Robert W. Cabell: Did you get PAID for FOUL PLAY?

Robert W. Cabell discovered an usual #fakenews story in the New York Post Page Six section about H.H. Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe. He is currently writing a book about the German royal, lawyer and Prince.
Mara Siegler published a highly defamatory story. Dr. Prince Mario-Max has never contacted Siegler and she used the relationship news on instagram and facebook as an excuse to write about Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe and Andrea John Catsimatidis. The story quotes a German guy falsely presenting himself as head of a house for Mario-Max. This fake news story ist not only odd but also strange: There is nothing like a head of a house towards Prince Mario-Max. This is unknown under German law. Then she requotes a hate-post article from Dailymail, featuring the fake non house non head non related guy Alex.
What is the motive of her action? Robert W. Cabell asks. “This is not the style how it works there, I was editing for the New York Post so I am highly concerned about the background of the foul play of Mara Siegler. Was it WORTH it?…”.

Cabell’s latest Email reminder from today after the unanswered questions about her murky conduct:

Hi Mara, 
We have not heard back from you yet about:
1. Did you get paid for running fabricated hate on Page Six against Dr. Prince Mario Max? Who paid?
2. How come you requote German civilian Alexander Schaumburg-Lippe who is NOT any head or house for Prince Mario Max or Princess Antonia or Prince Waldemar – They even distanced themselves! This guy is unaffiliated. 
3. How come you did not correct the article from the Prince defamation but made Long Island / NYC Princess changes ? How do selective clarifications work at Page Six? 
Robert W. Cabell
All Rights Reserved