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Air Travel Dropped 95% And Fewer Than 100,000 In The Air. Staycation Within 2 Hour Radius The New Hit!

A survey published last week from Longwoods International, a market research firm focused on the travel industry, found that 82 percent of Americans have already changed their travel plans for the next six months because of the coronavirus. Fifty percent said they would cancel trips, and 45 percent expect to reduce travel in that time frame.

Temperature checks at airports could also become the norm. But Jha notes that these might not catch cases where the person is asymptomatic.

All in all, without “aggressive testing, tracing, and isolation,” he said, it will be very challenging for airlines to reassure travelers that people with Covid-19 aren’t on board.

Now travelers look for local options, inns, boutique-hotels, resorts, camping or road trips, that are easier on the wallet and easy to reach. A two hours drive to a local national park or resort and golf-town, a wine region with cosy inns. The new trends.

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