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Los Angeles New Public Health Order Rules Of Thursday 19th March 2020

Stay home alone. You can take a walk, video conference, read a book and read the updates public health measures.

The plan is: SAFER AT HOME! We must slow the number of new cases at home of Covid 19.

Refrain from Gatherings with more than 10 people and many more rules in place. Groups of up to 9 people need to enforce the distance rule at all times. You need to stay at 6 feet apart.

Health care providers have access to protection equipment.

All large event venues remain closed. Food establishments: Only for pickup, delivery or drive-through.

Grocery stores, Farmer Markets and other essential business remain open. Plumbers and electricians remain open. Health care facilities and transportation remains open.

Malls closed and shopping centers. Outdoors malls must enforce strict social distancing.

Playgrounds closed, except within schools.

Do only buy what you need do not pile anything.

Help elders, donate blood, food or hygiene kids.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is confident that this decision data driven will help. 1918 Spanish flu was slowed down in smart cities.

Economic effects, we can not foresee, we need flatten that curve and safe lives. We are all safer at home. Stay at home order from midnight tonight.

11:59 tomorrow this will go in place for businesses.

All companies must stop operations that require presence of staff.

Only exceptions:

  • Get Food
  • Care for relative
  • Healthcare
  • Walk in Neighborhood

Essential businesses may stay open and serve the community.

If we can slow the spread we can slow the spread. It is an order to comply. It is a health emergency. Crime is down and acts of generosity are up. Lights will be on, the water flowing and all will be operating.

This order is in affect till April 19th of 2020.

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