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Taste Of Beauty – The Best Of Cuisine

Fountain Valley, California — Tuesday, December 14, 2022.
Article written by Dr. Mark A. Rafter (MD Marco Polo) Asian News Editorial Director

In their initial US location at 18420 Brookhurst Street in Fountain Valley, Orange County, California, USA Taste of Beauty is a plant based fine dining brand owned by American Education and Translation, LLC. In today’s times how often do people go out to dine and walk away feeling they had a positive experience. I can easily say, Taste of Beauty is making extraordinary achievements in plant-based cuisine while creating an atmosphere of compassion balancing eco-friendly practices for humanity. Taste of Beauty is committed to providing a visual beauty to enjoy plant-based cuisine that excites one’s pallet.

As a former COO of a hotel/resort and restaurant company with a trained pallet, wherein at the time, our restaurant Ambrosia was rated the number restaurant in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I am always looking for a great dining experience and a place where I can bring friends and VIPs.

Living in Fountain Valley, I had heard of Taste of Beauty, and driven past many times, but I did not know really what it was. My friend Dong Ping first introduced me to Taste of Beauty. Only recently that patrons have caught on to just how effective, convenient, and delicious plant-based foods can be.

Many vegetarian restaurants I have visited have a haughty kind feel to them. It can be said, people experience a feel of beauty, harmony, and peace with the elegant artistic settings and a bit of green in every bite. Not being a vegetarian, I was very pleasantly surprised by my dining experience at Taste of Beauty. Taste of Beauty’s goals are to deliver their guests with a plant based fine dining adventure while providing an elegant service. I was not disappointed. Taste of Beauty delivered an adventure in plant based Asian Fusion fine dining and it created a desire to make a reservation and go back with friends and VIPs. It was worth every dollar.

There are both public open table seating and private room round table and seating for six to eight. Taste of Beauty has a Plum Blossom Tasting Menu with its 8 courses that changes with the seasons. These fine delicacies are served with a choice of tea, beer or a variety of fine wines. As each course is delivered to your table the servers tell the story of the food and its purpose.

Taste of Beauty has both private areas and public space for events with music and visual arts capacity. I have attended several events at Taste of Beauty. After these events and with the friends and VIPs that I have taken or the restaurant or tea event patrons I’ve interacted with, all have shared that they had a very positive experience and several of my personal friends who live in the area have gone back while others are excited to hear they may open another restaurant in Irvine. The owners are Jeremy Yan, the President of Meiyu Group, and Jun Guo a Grand Master Tea Culture and Plant Based Chef who develops some of the extraordinary achievements in plant based fine dining. In my MD Marco Polo Travels I found that in the Chinese plant-based food culture, people eat for healthy bodies as well as enjoyment. Master Guo can often be seen hosting a private or group teaching on tea culture and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Taste of Beauty is a perfect setting for the person who wants to entertain friends from out of town to an adventure in plant based fine dining and I always reserve a sitting for them with Master Guo for a Tea Culture experience that are as good as any I’ve ever had in my many visits to China. Taste of Beauty US Headquarters is in Irvine, California. Managements in their initial growth plans expansion of its concept in the cities of Irvine, San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Miami and then will explore additional restaurants placement opportunities as they present themselves. Taste of Beauty has multiple investors in mainland China and room for many more investors from China, America and abroad. Taste of Beauty has a goal to be the first plant-based restaurant chain for public offering or IPO. With higher-quality, safer, and more-organic products entering the market, there’s never been a better time to experience the benefits of Taste of Beauty and plant based fine dining and tea culture experience for yourself. If you’re in Southern California, I highly recommend Taste of Beauty as one of the best plants based fine dining cuisine experiences in OC. I wish them continued growth and success.

Learn more about Taste of Beauty:
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