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Mark Zuckerberg & What Happens When A Facebook Site Gets Hacked…

Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook, that the platform cares “deeply about issues like safety, well-being and mental health.” Nice words.

So let us see how deeply facebook really cares: Let’s start with a stolen facebook page, the verified user lost its access, and contacted the so called Meta Pro Team. Samir was quickly there to reply, to an email that stated: Facebook page stolen, access lost, Photo ID encloses.

Samir working under Mark Zuckerbergs guidelines was informed that the content on the page and thousands of followers are at risk and matching a persons name and business. Samir was quick to reply that any request needs to be accompanied with a verified and notarized document next to the photo ID’s and coming from the facebook account holders email.

Long story short, after notary costs and a resubmission with the content please return my stolen facebook page access, Samir was right back with: We need the action wanted to be notarized too.

Round two: Please return the facebook page, now notarized and certified by a sworn in notary.

Start day of the initial request to return the hacked stolen page was October 21st of 2022. Samir wrote it is a pleasure helping you

  • “today” 21st of OCTOBER”,
  • 22nd of October “you can always count on us”
  • 22nd of October notarized claim to return stolen facebook page
  • 24th of October Samir is back: “working to get a resolution as soon as possible” and “we hope you have a wonderful rest of your day”
  • 24th of October second notarized message requested that needs to state, what page holder wants
  • 25th of October notarized message sent to Samir
  • 26th of October Samir adds “Internal Team” on it “appreciate your patience”
  • 27th any news ?
  • 28th request again, any news?
  • 28th of October Samir adds “this is a difficult process”
  • 28th reply “the theft was not as difficult as getting help now”
  • 2nd of NOVEMBER “whats going on?”
  • 3rd of November “they are working on it right now to get it resolved as soon as possible.”
  • 3rd of November “please stop these criminals”
  • 3rd of November “information that you provided is enough”
  • 6th of November “I am getting blackmailed after MY facebook-meta page .. has been stolen”
  • 6th of November 2022 Email Message to CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Not ANY RESOLUTION after weeks.
  • 7th of November “our investigation is active and ongoing”, Samir.

It seems to be incredible easy that a facebook page gets stolen on facebook, Samir of the meta pro team gets attention of it and the “specialized team”, mister Zuckerberg is personally informed which should lead to a resolution but it goes another way: Theft went quick, return not processed yet within an entire MONTH.

We will keep you posted, and before be aware to use facebook as Zuckerberg needs to proof first that he cares about safety!

Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe
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