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What We Can Learn From Muriel Mabel Fuller Full Life Of 100 Years

When life is over what is left? The Good Book and my learning from many Asian and
Chinese friends is the marvelous way they give honor to the wisdom of seniors. Well for
a woman who lived to be 100 years old and saw a lot in those 100 years Muriel or
Granny to many of us, left a living legacy in her children, and granddaughter and a host
of those she mentored along the way.

Muriel Mabel Fuller was born on Feb 20, 1922 in Belize, Central America and was the
youngest her 10 siblings. In Belize, Muriel enjoyed dances even in her final months one
night Muriel slapped on her Sketchers and a gown and was out the door telling her
family she was going to the dance. After all it was Friday night. Muriel was a true
matriarch and loved taking care of her children and spending time with her family &
friends. Muriel was also politically active, informed and knowledgeable about Belizean
politics and took doing her civic duty of campaigning and voting seriously. Muriel lived
long enough to see the good times and the bad and face life’s real realities. One of the
most challenging times in her life in Belize was the loss of one of her daughters, Carla
Richardson. It is almost unimaginable for any parent to lose a child. Muriel often said, it
was the love of her family that helped her overcome such a difficult time and kept her
faith and family going forward.

In 1971, Muriel immigrated with her 2 daughters, and built a life in Los Angeles,
California in the early ‘80s and one of her Legacies was Muriel became a US citizen
setting a course for her children and even greater for her granddaughter. Muriel was a
loving caregiver to her granddaughter and a host of children, the elderly and those with
mental and physical challenges.

Muriel was a faithful servant of God, and was very involved in various ministry
committees – Chat and Walk, the Social Committee, the Communion Committee and
Wednesday Noon Care. As a beloved matriarch-mother in the church, Muriel led
through the love, care and service to her other church members and her pastor.

She loved traveling, and understood the real meaning of learning and understanding
different cultures and visited Israel, Egypt, Manchester & London, England, Paris,
Aruba, Puerto Rico and many cities across America. As with most moms and grandmas
Muriel always made sure to bring souvenirs for her family, friends & church members.
Muriel always encouraged and supported her daughters and granddaughter.  Muriel
saw the value and importance of them pursuing their education, working hard, and
treating people with respect. Arva achieved a longstanding legal career. Egzine became
and has served and is still serving as a Nurse Practitioner. Carla Yorke her
granddaughter graduated from USC with an Masters in Education and worked for Los
Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, spent several years in education at Cerritos
College and now serves with honor and distinction as a leader in non-profit community

Muriel fostered their relationship with God, and always knew and taught them the
importance of prayer. Muriel enjoyed cooking, taking care of her home, talking with
friends and had a wonderful green thumb. Muriel was a most resilient woman. About 6
months ago she had a surgery at 99 years old wherein the doctors said she may not
survive. Not only did she survive but was up the next day walking and a week later
doing laundry and folding clothes. One might say this sweet but tough old woman was
determined to make it to 100.

On April 2, 2022 Muriel celebrated her 100th birthday with a party with her family,
dancing to some of her favorite songs. On April 6, 2022 she passed away peacefully
with her family by her bedside.

Left to cherish her well lived life are her daughters, Arva Yorke and Egzine Richardson,
granddaughter, Carla Yorke. Muriel was known as a mother and just Granny to a host of
family and friends.

The Celebration of Muriel’s 100 years of life will be help privately this Saturday. Many
would say after living such a full 100 years of life to rest in peace (RIP) but knowing who
Granny was I’d say Muriel is up there in Heaven with her sketchers and gown on
dancing with joy in glory.

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