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Community Spotlight – Khosro Habibi Showing Endurance In Fountain Valley CA

Mark Rafters Community Spotlight – As a News Editorial Director I am always looking for a great story and I find some of the best stories are often people who are making a difference in their community. They get tested, don’t quit or give up to follow their dreams. Others are just serving and getting things done that help the community at large. We here at want our readers to tell us their choices. Tells us who in your community is serving the community so they can be part of our Readers Choice Awards and let us tell their stories.

I found such a community person standing through it all in the City of Fountain Valley, California, USA. Khosro Habibi came with his family to America in search of the American Dream. He thought he found the dream when he bought the Fountain Valley Auto Wash at 10035 Ellis Avenue, Fountain Valley, California. It was his nature to reach out and become a part of his community. There are few if any community youth sports organizations, schools, churches, social organizations, women’s and senior groups, police and firefighters that Khosro and his team have not served or supported. This is the kind of business owner every community needs. When friends gather and his name comes up people talk about his friendly service and efforts in the community.

After nearly 7 years in the community and serving countless customers and city residents, Khosro decided to retrofit the Fountain Valley Auto Wash and began applying for a conditional use permit also known as a CUP, to upgrade his car wash to an express wash. This would dramatically increase the number of cars that could be served resulting in increased revenue for and tax revenue for the city. The car wash was originally built 49 years ago. Khosro has owned and operated it for 10 years. A CUP upgrade of an existing facility can take 6 months to one year. Khosro has spent thousands in plans, engineering and fees to get his upgrade.

Without any requirement from the city, Khosro put in new landscaping across the entire frontage and around the property with a real enhancement to the community. Khosro paid for independent studies to show that there was no noise detriment to anyone from the car wash. The entire procedure takes 33 months so far. In the meanwhile Khosro received an offer from the adjacent property owner to buy him out. He does not want to sell. He just stays on the course with great endurance serving customers and the community. Had the car wash been upgraded it would have generated over $3 million USD in and about $400,000 to $500,000 in tax revenue already. So an upgrade seems to be a good thing.

Someone who loves his family, his friend, his employees, his customers and the community he serves made lots of friends during the years. A customer suggested a petition and people started saying, I’m Spartacus. I’ll stand with you. On the first day of the petition 63 out of 67 customers signed the petition. On the second day 77 out of 84 customers signed the petition. The following Saturday 137 out of 150 customers signed the petition. It’s an amazing tribute to a man who is dedicated to serve the community, his family and friends. Many will join and stand with Khosro at the Planning Commission hearing on February 12 at 6:00 pm at the Fountain Valley City Hall. Khosro’s determination and community service is showing great endurance. We will follow up.


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