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Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry And A Hero Royally Defending Them Named Thomas Mace Archer Mills!

It has been quite a challenging year for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and if 365 days of constant public scrutiny, news outlet speculation, manipulative reporting, and social media abuse has not been enough to warrant a time out, then enter the lovely republican residents of Brighton and Hove located in East Sussex. The shenanigans of this lot, especially with those of their leader, and the support and sympathies of the Green Party, have certainly topped off one of the worst years for the Royal family in decades. Their offensive ways of operating, whilst stating they do not mean to “offend”, highlights the deep roots of republican sentiment and mobilized action which most of the United Kingdom is either unaware of or, simply does not think matters due to the strong support for the monarchy. However, the truth behind what has been done to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Brighton and Hove by republicans using the couple as an exercise and example, is a lesson which must be taken seriously. Republicanism is a serious problem interwoven within the fabric of the nation, which must be identified, cauterized, and further studied so to keep British history, traditions and ways of life intact.

During August of this past year, one Brighton and Hove resident, Chares Ross, took it upon himself to create a petition to strip the title of “Duke and Duchess of Sussex” from the young Royal couple, which has subsequently has been signed by the area’s nearly 4,000 dissident republicans. The petition as written by Ross on behalf of the “residents” of the council, and posted on the Brighton and Hove Council website stated: ‘We the undersigned petition Brighton Hove Council to reject the usage of the titles Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex by the individuals Henry (Harry) Windsor and Rachel Meghan Markle as morally wrong and disrespectful to the county of East Sussex,’ the petition reads.

‘As residents of Brighton and Hove we call on Brighton and Hove Council to not refer to these individuals by such titles which we believe to be entirely nondemocratic and symbolic of the oppression of the general public by the wealthy elite.’

The petition continues, calling for Brighton Council to not ‘invite or entertain these individuals nor afford them any hospitality or courtesies above and beyond that of an ordinary member of the public’. Considering that the petition wrongly states the Duchesses name, as she is no longer Markle, the author of the petition was invited to defend and debate his petition at the Council Meeting on 19 December 2019. Despite such a nasty petition being written and proposed, designed to discredit and add further fuel to the fire in the rage against Harry and Meghan, with endorsement of it by a small fraction of people from within the very county which bears their name, one man in particular has risen to defend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. A man who witnessed their wedding day and has further made headlines around the world for his commentary at Windsor Castle on the day of their marriage. He also happens to have something very much in common with the Duchess, as they both share the same country of birth. Though neither of them live within America the two share a bond, and this relationship seems to be a lot less about their birthplace, and more about helping others, educating people, and pushing back against those who seek to do nothing but harm and destroy what they both hold near and dear. A fixture in the young Royal couple’s lives since their wedding on 19 th of May of 2018, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, known internationally as Mr. Monarchy, has been defending and educating not just about the British Royal family for nearly two decades, but most recently and more importantly about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Reporting live from Windsor Castle on the day of their wedding for several different media outlets, and known as the “most interviewed man of the Royal Wedding”, Mace-Archer-Mills has been a steadfast proponent of the young Royal couple. Armed to the hilt with Royal education, unparalleled knowledge and historical prowess, Mace-Archer-Mills truly is a Royal expert and historian that does not shy away from the rude, tactile and disrespectful manner of republican dissidents.

He is and has been onto their game, the ways in which the operate, the dirty process in which they bend the truth, lie and embellish nonfactual statements and assertions which they masquerade as truth. Mace-Archer-Mills has overcome abundant amounts of media scrutiny due to his place of birth, much like the Duchess herself, however the location of one’s birth does not, nor should it dictate, what one learns, comes to know and whom they share that education with. He is the only person within his field taking such a stand through education to defend the institution which the world knows, loves and treasures.

Fighting for and defending the institution of monarchy, when it is unable to do so for itself, Mace Archer-Mills has armed himself as a defender of The Crown through the use of education, knowledge and the creation of Britains most vocal and proactive monarchist organization, the British Monarchists Society. The Society sees support from MPs, Lords, celebrities and even continental Royals.

With nearly a decade of working with the European media, having over 300 media credits to his name, and four publications under his belt – one of which he won and international Award for, Mace-Archer-Mills spoke to various different media outlets a week before the petition was to be debated in council, starting with the Argus media group, the Express, and The Mirror, ending up with quotes in over 65 media outlets in four different languages. In the leadup to the debating of the petition to strip the Royal couple of their title in Council chambers, Mace-Archer-Mills stated in a full press release from the British Monarchists Society released on 12 December, as partially reported by various media outlets: “We are abhorrently appalled and utterly dismayed that said petition has been signed by so many. This certainly highlights that Brighton and Hove is a hotbed of Republican dissidents and is now proven to be so.  Such a petition, which has been allowed to be placed on the agenda,  shows utter disdain and contempt for The Crown, not to mention copious amounts of disrespect to, and for, the Royal family which undertakes thousands of engagements per year on behalf of the nation, in right of Her Majesty as The Crown. There are many reasons we have The Crown and more importantly the monarchy, an institution which has been valued at over £65Billion if we were to evaluate the monarchy as a functioning British business.

There are so many reasons to list why we have the monarchy, why they should continue doing what they do, and what they do for the nation. This petition wreaks of republican drivel and lacks any real substance and intelligent reasoning. It truly seems to be an erratic and emotional outburst of self-loathing directed at two popular members of the Royal family. Charles Ross has not supported his petition with educated arguments or debate – maybe this will occur at the meeting on 19 December, however Mr. Ross has no right to speak for an entire city, let alone the entire County of East Sussex, as if the whole county appointed comrade Ross to speak for it. Citing the wealthy elite; and further stating the usage of titles is morally wrong, this is classic political rhetoric. The verbiage used certainly has an undercurrent of envy and self-dissatisfaction on the part of Mr. Ross whom is full of misplaced rage and anger, using the Royals to vent his frustrations and further placate his republican conscience. Next will be the off with their heads scenarios and further republican sentiments which will not just culminate in petitions, but another campaign funded by socialist “Green” republicans. The petition also states that it is the wish of the petitioner that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to not be afforded an invitation to visit, be entertained or extended any courtesies beyond that of an ordinary member of the public. Like it or not, the Duke and Duchess are an extension of The Queen, the Head of State of this nation, of which Brighton and Hove are a part.

To deny the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is to deny representatives of the Monarch and by extension The Crown – this is dangerous territory to navigate for the county of East Sussex collectively. Is Mr. Ross openly condoning and outlining the incitement of a second English civil war? It is also worth noting that the consideration of this petition only states the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and no other members of the Royal family. Could this mean something even more sinister is in the mind of Mr. Ross? Is such a petition covering the fact that Mr. Ross may not condone or accept people of color, or marriage to people of color, such as in the case of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? The lines here seem to be quite confusing and do require explanation as to the exception given expressly to the rest of the Royal family and not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

These republican petitions may seem small, and the greater population may not take notice now, but such movements are dangerous and treasonous in the eyes of The Crown and a greater portion of the British population. Such movements seek to overthrow our system of governance and operations, warning signs that the greater British population cannot ignore. Without being challenged and allowed to carry on without question, such movements as this petition, grow into complications which challenge the very existence of who and what the British identity has been for a millennium. Republicans are a dangerous sort that need to be battled against every day. If left to their own devices, this nation could see a referendum on our monarchy as seen in Australia in 1999, or we could even face losing the Royal family all together and follow in the footsteps of the Republic of Ireland.  This is why education about The Crown is more important now than ever before.

Such a petition says a lot about the individual who has started it and even more about those who have signed it. Rampant republicanism is not an excuse to be disrespectful, however this is how republicans operate – through destruction, and disrespectful actions such as proven with this repugnant petition. This nation is and will remain a monarchy until the people collective say otherwise, regardless of small pockets of republican extremists such as in Brighton and Hove. Brighton itself has a very good and especially historic relationship with The Crown, from George IV to William IV, even to Queen Victoria whom sold the Royal

Pavilion to the city. There is much to celebrate about the Royal ties and history of Brighton to The Crown. Despite all the good associated with the monarchy and the current members of the Royal family, such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Brighton and Hove should not pander to minority treachery and should not further entertain such a petition as proposed. To do so would certainly cause great alarm and concern for the council, the local government and residents alike in the future. It is the intent of the British Monarchists Society to contact the Brighton and Hove Council, engage residents, and further put out on our social media as to the possible anti monarchy/anti-royal sentiment that the council and county may be voting for. We will further work harder to educate the population about the positive benefits of the monarchy and why the monarchy and associated members of the Royal family are an asset not only to the nation, but to each and every county and council within this great United Kingdom. It would truly be a shame for Brighton to be known as the first openly hostile city towards the Royal family, which would certainly see a possible boycott of business activity and tourism related visits occurring in this royally historic seaside destination. Such consideration of this disgusting petition is nothing short of a slap in the face of the many decades of which Her Majesty has served the good and loyal people of Brighton and Hove. I am sure that any respectful person within Brighton and Hove would refuse this petition and anything of the sort.

Taking Mace-Archer-Mill’s point about Brighton and Hove becoming the first openly republican city in the nation, Ross seemed to become excited by this statement and quickly used it within his speech to the Council defending the petition by stating, “This is an ideal opportunity to put this city on the map as a forward-thinking and modern city that rejects archaic and outdated feudal ceremony and doffing our caps to the aristocracy in favor of social justice and fairness for all. Indeed, it would be a fine honor and a proud moment if our good councillors would have the courage today to set Brighton on the path to being the first openly republican city in the United Kingdom.”

Ross said he didn’t mean to “offend” Meghan and Harry as individuals with his petition, but he wanted to highlight the “strong republican sentiment” in Brighton. After Ross finished his loose republican defense of his petition, which was nothing more than emotional republican pining, rather than hard documented facts and educating reasoning to go forward with the petition, the Labour leader of the council argued that the council had “more pressing issues” than discussing republican ideology – especially considering that only The Crown has the power to strip a royal of their title. She said: “We have more pressing issues – of homelessness, the climate crisis and the effect of austerity and ensuring the economic wellbeing of our residents. “We respect the views on both sides but, given the pressing issues we have got, we need to make good use of council resources.”

Councillor Steve Bell, the Conservative leader in the council, said the number of signatories of the petition did not represent the larger majority of people within Brighton and Hove council, where 1.8 million people reside. He added: “As Conservatives, we are very proud to have a Duke and Duchess of Sussex and will welcome them any time they chose to come here.” While Labour, Tories and Independent councillors dismissed the petition, Mr. Ross’s proposal was of course welcomed by the hard-left Green group leader, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, whom is Convenor of the Green Party for the city, called the petition “fantastic”. He said: “We have to respect that more than 3,000 people supported this petition.

My personal preference would be to send this on to the decision-making structures for a report to understand what we can do, but I don’t think the rest of the council is with us.” Indeed, the petition ended up only being noted by the Labour and Green councillors, whilst the two Independent councillors and the Conservatives voted against even noting it. Mace-Archer-Mills spoke out in delight and welcomed the decision of the council, releasing an official press release as the Founder of the British Monarchists Society stating in full, “The British Monarchists Society applauds the sense of Brighton and Hove council not to proceed forward with motions of a petition to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their title in regard to official council documents as proposed by petition. This decision on the part of some councillors to note the petition and others not to do so, shows that democratic discussion can flourish around such debate and further highlights the value and benefits that the association of the royal couple delivers to the majority of the councils residents. Such petitions allow us to debate the role of our Royals and further encourages and enables us to improve the education and understanding of The Crown in daily British life. The decision taken by Brighton and Hove council, with the unsurprising exception of one self-identified republican from the Green Party whom referred to the petition, illustrates that they have no wish to insult Her Majesty as The Crown, and further understand that making such a move to approve the proposed articles outlined by Mr. Ross would be insulting not only to the Royal family but the majority of people residing in Brighton and Hove. Considering the demographics of many whom live within the councils jurisdiction, I am surprised that so many  activists would condone such treatment of the second born son of Prince Charles,  whom has conducted his life in a very green, sustainable and conscious way for decades, but then again many greens openly call for the abolition of the monarchy. His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, is more “green” than Caroline Lucas and her republican sympathizers could ever hope to be.

This petition is quite abusive towards a young family that has only asked for a bit of privacy, who are now threatened with the stripping of titles within a council which has no right to remove anything gifted to them by the Head of State. To further add insult to injury and deem the petition an instrument to deny an official invitation to and not to further receive warranted visits to the people of Brighton and Hove in the future of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is in fact insulting, offensive and distasteful. This petition is abusive in many ways to a family that has only ever served and sacrificed for the public good. Considering Harry himself is a veteran and seasoned soldier, what a way to thank him for his service. This petition has actually helped the British Monarchists Society prove that Britain must take education about The Crown seriously – to educate the nation and to assist in the understanding how government works, where and how The Crown operates in a tangible and intangible way, and most importantly how the Crown within the Constitution functions, and lays the groundwork for national, as well as local, governments to operate. Whether Mr. Ross as the creator of this rejected petition wants to admit it or not, The Crown surrounds us at all times and such titles bestowed by Her Majesty in right of The Crown are done so for a purpose and for the greater good of the nation. People should take pride and be honored if the specific region in which they live can and will benefit greatly from such titled exposure of a royal personality.

To be quite clear, no council within the Kingdom has the power or authority to issue or any Royal title from an individual, this can only be done by the Monarch. What the petition Mr. Ross actually set out to do was not to remove titles from the Duke and Duchess themselves and usurp authority of The Crown, but to to strip the use of titles by the Council for future reference and inclusion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex within council documents and minutes. The petition further aspired to refuse the Council the ability to issue and offer future invitations to the couple as Royal figures which would include denying them hospitality and entertainment. Of course Harry and Meghan would be welcome within Brighton and Hove as citizens in the socialist agenda utopia that Mr. Ross desires to inhabit.

It was completely senseless in this instance to ask a council to attack internationally famous members of the most well-known Royal family in the world, that bear the name of a royally historic area such as Sussex, which benefits extensively from the titles bestowed upon her Royal representatives by The Queen as Head of State. The petition put forward to remove references to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan as Sussex in future Council documents was a blatant waste of time, but a useful exercise in democracy, which has only further outlined the misunderstood and poorly promoted educational aspects about powers and rights of The Crown which are grossly understood by the greater British public. Despite an unfounded and uneducated defence as to why the author of the petition chose to create it in the first place, other than offering that he was bored, his petition had to be debated by the Council as it had received the amount of signatures needed to bring it to debate. With such treasured Royal history and close ties to the monarchy, Sussex, especially Brighton with its Royal Pavilion, benefit greatly from having two internationally known representatives bearing the areas ancient geographical name. Therefore, it can be understood, that Mr. Ross is not aware, and has not taken it upon himself to note the vast array of benefits that actively come to the Sussex area with the title given to Prince Harry and his wife.

The petition against the Sussexes, and the Crown indirectly, was supported by the councils resident republican population and billed as non-democratic and further a symbol of oppression by the wealthy elite – trigger words for such political factions of society.

However for the majority of those whom understand that these phrases are just parroting from the echo chambers of social media, realize that there are many, many more people whom are more influential, richer and do a lot less for this nation than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex  – the couple juts happen to be celebrity superstars bearing the name of Sussex. A Royal title does not necessarily give elevation to the person holding it, but more so to the area in which the title originates. The lustre and rise of a titled Royal person gravitates equally along with the location which has given name to the said royal title. Despite whatever feelings and true motives were behind Mr. Ross attempt to enshrine himself the republican hero of Sussex a title he would surely enjoy using, his efforts will been and continue to be in vain as long as there are people, and organizations such as the British Monarchists Society, that see, understand and realize the educated need for our beloved monarchy and cherished Crown.

Mace-Archer-Mills stayed true to his convictions of and believe in monarchy, defending the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on his own volition, through his organization and with no help from any of the other “talking heads” which perceive themselves as “experts” that “support” the Royal family.

What Mace-Archer-Mills does, no one else in the world is doing through the use of education, a monarchists organization, and the identifying of the differences between The Crown and the British monarchy and their importance. He continues to warn about the rising tide of republicanism within the United Kingdom and the lack of education readily available to the public which outlines how the monarchy and The Crown are fit for purpose in the 21 st century. The British public may not realize it, but Mace-Archer-Mills has identified and highlighted that the Green Party stands for a lot more than just environmental stewardship and climate change. This political party is an active group of hard-left ardent republicans which campaigns to challenge the power and authority of, and further supports the abolition of the United Kingdoms most symbolic and recognizable symbol – The Crown. It is the only party within the Four Nations to actively promote the end of the monarchy within its manifesto – a dangerous, treasonous party indeed.

We applaud the efforts of Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills and the work of the British Monarchists Society in educating about The Crown, supporting the Palace and defending the Royals when they need it most. If it was not for people so widely recognized in the media such as Mace-Archer-Mills whom is set on coming to the defense of those who cannot defend themselves, such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, this petition would have remained a local issue which would not have been brought into the national and international mainstream – a tool which has now been used to highlight the destructive nature of the Green Party and the bullying, disrespectful nature of the United Kingdom’s sleeper cell republicans. It is with hope that after a rest and the welcoming of the New Year, that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return stronger than ever and continue to positively contribute to the far reaching charitable aspects of the British Royal family.

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