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Meet Shanda Lear ! She Produces Electric Boats, Her Dad Bill Lear Founded Lear Jets and Motorola…

NAME: Shanda Lear-Baylor
PROFESSION: Creative problem solver

A favorite quote of Shanda Lear: “…it was fun but not as fun as learning how to fly when I was 17 in Switzerland and to learn how to land on glaciers and then to take off using the down hill descent to gain the airspeed necessary so that the Piper cub would actually fly and not crash in the valley below.. I had to ride my VeloSolex to the airport because I didn’t have a drivers license but I could have a pilots license.” Shanda Lear Enterprises: It is the umbrella for all of the activities of Shanda Lear. She has been doing business in the United States since 1988 when she returned from Europe where she lived, worked and was mother and wife for 30 years.


1. How do you describe yourself in one sentence? High energy,likable and loud…comforter.

2. Are you a pilot? Yes!

3. Which achievement are you especially proud of?  I had the courage and foresight and money todevelop theLearboat. And earlier,I went toe to toe with the big formula companies and got hospitalprotocols and laws changed in Switzerland and Italy.Now, in Switzerland,97% of all babies are breast-fed.

4. What moves and encourages you? The understanding that it’s not me. I listen and I am Obedient to what I hear and lean back in stillness into the Divine Consciousness and trust.

5. Are you upset about critique? ’m always grateful to those who have the courage to speak up and lovingly alert me to ways I could improve. I listen and apply what I’ve learned immediately when possible.

6. Where does your next trip lead you to? ’m on my way to my office to get TripAdvisor hooked up tomy booking page so that people can leave reviews after they have heard and seen the Motivational presentation I do about my mother and father and the Learjet… and/or….come out with me one the Learboat where I entertain and apply creative problem solving to problems shared.That’s gonna be a trip.

7. What can your assistant or help do that your smart phone can’t? Clean the bathroom.

8. Are you a night owl or early bird and why? I’m “woke” most of the time.

9. Whom would you like to dine with present or past (even a historic person)? Donald Trump Junior I think he would understand LEARBOATS and what it means to the planet and would know the people who could do the financing.

10.  If you would bestow a decoration, order or honor who would receive it? I would bestow it on the person who could teach.

11. What is your favorite restaurant? The Laotian restaurantVientiane Thai Laos10262 WestminsterAveGarden Grove, CA 92843(714) 530-7523.Pick up some Korean Sesame leaves before you goat theA.R.Korean market9580 W Garden Grove Blvd #300, GardenGrove, CA 92844. Andwrap small bites ofCrispy Fried ricein the leaves with a squirt of Sriracha sauce! Ahhh. Heaven!Try their Loti desert also…Ok now I gotta go there.Right now! Just thinking of it makes me want to drop everything andgo.

12. The best place after a party night out in town? For me, a party night out in town is singing with the Beach Cities Big Band. Since I do the sound system too (I love wires and electronics) I’m pretty beat at the end of the gig. Fortunately… I have a lot of very strong guys who lovingly lug the heavy speakers and gear for me…. and the best place for me afterwards is…home

13. How can you be treated with a culinary delight? Bring it to the Learboat and we’ll enjoy it as we cruise around Newport Harbor.

14. How do you relax? Carefully!

15. If you could be someone else for a week, who would that be? I would be Jesus and would visit all the people who think only they are right, like Saul on the way to Damascus. And I would replace the narcissistic chip in their thinking to one of seeing that being kind and being grateful, seeing that God made the spiritual identity of man/woman in His Image and Likeness…therefore perfect.That In thisLoving Consciousness is…all the abundance you need, all the health you need, all the solutions you need, and all the Love you need.AND… that in this loving Consciousness there is no evil, no lack, no disease, no deformity, no accidents, no greed, no quid pro quo’s and … are you ready???… no bullsh*t!(That’s my favorite word for lies.)

16. Your biggest hero? That guy who allowed himself to be nailed to a cross so the three Days later he could come back and therefore prove that life is eternal!

17. Which character attributes do you treasure? Being fucking patient!

18 Which book did you read last? The dark history of Christianity by Ellen Ellerbe tells you all you wanna know about why religion is so messed up and who is responsible. Then read what I wrote.

19. What is a perfect day? The day we get the funding for LEARBOATS.

20. What are you proud of? Having had the foresight balls and money to develop the learboat and tenacity to keep it going until we have the funding.

21. Which dream do you want to fulfill yourself? Learning how to multiply the millions like Jesus did with the loaves and fishes

22. Whats your favorite drink? Coconut Bai.

23. Your biggest success? Getting my first husband to forget about protection and conceiving the boy baby that I wanted.

24. Your biggest down? Thinking that I might not be able to get LEARBOATS funded I’m feeling the sadness and loss that will be for the world.

25. What can’t you understand? Why it’s taken so long to get the funding for LEARBOATS.

26. Which talent would you like to have? PATIENCE!!!

27. Share a life wisdom with us? When you lean back into the embrace of infinite divine Good and see that there’s no separation between you, as a spiritual identity, and your Source, you are able to witness extraordinary good in your life. It’s called stillness and it is extremely powerful. Go to my YouTube channel.

28. Life is too short to? Jesus went to a lot of trouble to prove that life is eternal. So thinking about a limit to the length of life is not something I’m going to do. You really believe it I haven’t done everything I thought I needed to do?

29. How do you define luxury? Having what you need when you need it.

30. What do you always have in your fridge? Cold!

And Grated Parmesan cheese in the freezer. The real parmigiano Reggiano! Wait till you taste my Danny Kaye spaghetti. I am able to bribe 18 musicians to come to a free rehearsal if I tell him I making Danny Kaye spaghetti.

31. Whats your life motto? Stillness!!!

32. Whats your favorite website?

33. Whats your favorite app?

34 Whats your favorite sport? Swing dancing.

35. What would be your last meal? My captor’s balls.

36. Tell us something you never told anyone before?

The one thing that I’ve never told anybody is that I lied about my age so that I could be in the last debutante ball in Paris in 1969 and I got Samuel Pisar, the youngest person to be rescued from Auschwitz by the American troops. He wrote “Coexistence and Commerce”and “Of Blood and Hope”. He loved me and agreed to lie to the committee for me. (You’re supposed to be 18.)
All of the organizers remarked on how mature I was and awarded me the pearl of the debutantes pearl which was presented to me by the Her Highness The Begum Aga Kahn at the second ball in Monte Carlo.



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