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Meet Kitty Pleasant – The fabulous cousin of Nile Rodgers

Kitty Pleasant. Meet the fabulous cousin of Nile Rodgers, who is an American TV-personality based in Los Angeles for a rare personal interview. Charming Kitty reaches millions of people on television, whilst her cousin Nile, founder of Chic, has written, produced, and performed records that have cumulatively sold more than 500 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a three-time Grammy Award winner. Kitty is worldwide known for her countless TV-appearances and doctor shows. 

1. How do you describe yourself in one sentence? Down to earth.

2. Where is home? Los Angeles, California and the world.

3. Which achievement are you especially proud of? Raising my family is what I am most proud of.

4. What moves and encourages you? Life in motion moves me.

5. Are you upset about critique? Critics only make me better as we tend not to see our own faults.

6. Where does your next trip lead you to? I have no clue yet.

7. What can your assistant or help do that your smart phone can’t? People can respond with out of the box thinking that is objective, my phone responds like a robotic brain.

8. Are you a night owl or early bird and why? I am early bird, I get most of my tasks done by noon.

9. Whom would you like to dine with present or past (even a historic person) ? One of my ancestors that arrived in America in the 1600s and I would ask what he expected from his family in the new lands.

10. If you would bestow a decoration, order or honor who would receive it? I am not sure.

11. What is your favorite restaurant? Hole in the wall taco shops.

12. The best place after a party night out in town? I don’t party so I have no idea.

13. How can you be treated with a culinary delight? Korean food is always best.

14. How do you relax? I watch Netflix and chill.

15. If you could be someone else for a week, who would that be? My mom.

16. Your biggest hero? My mom too.

17. Which character attributes do you treasure? Ethical traits are the ones that I treasure.

18 Which book did you read last? The bible.

19 . What is a perfect day? Relaxing undisturbed is my perfect day.

20. What are you proud of? I am proud of my family.

21. Which dream do you want to fulfill yourself? Creating a world in harmony.

22. Whats your favorite drink? Water.

23. Your biggest success? I have not strained it yet.

24. Your biggest down? Not being able to help some types of people .

25. What can’t you understand? Stupid people.

26. Which talent would you like to have? I would love to be able to carry a tune.

27. Share a life wisdom with us? Be like water and flow.

28. Life is too short to? Accomplish all goals.

29. How do you define luxury? Time, having enough time to do as you like, that is a luxury.

30. What do you always have in your fridge? Veggies.

31. Whats your life motto? Be your personal best.

32. Whats your favorite website?

33. Whats  your favorite app?

34 Whats your favorite sport? MMA.

35. What would be your last meal? Not sure.

36. Tell us something you never told anyone before? I am a superhero in disguise! / /

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