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The grand bestselling water brands and their heritage.

We all know the famous brand names of luxurious crystal clear water. But where does this water really come from? A global journey following the streams of liquid pleasure. 

Madonna, Beyoncé, Will Smith drink Voss in the public. Calvin Klein designed the bottle and the water has a Norwegian heritage. It is known as one of the most exclusive pure water brands. Wrestler and Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson endorses the 18 year old liquid luxury New York-based brand in a brand new campaign. His special Campaign states: ‘Live Every Drop’.

„E un’acqua minerale per favore”, a bottle of water (con or senza gas) can not miss at any Italian restaurant. And one of the traditional brands is San Pellegrino. It is liquid Dolce Vita and Sanpellegrino S.p.A is a part of Nestlé. The iconic green bottle is a part of fine dining in global restaurants.

Water truly from Paradise?

Fiji water is branded as water from paradise. It originates on the largest island Viti Levu and is sourced from Yaqara. It is preferably served in its branded silver holder and a huge bestseller in the United States of America. There are even engraved versions of the bottle holder of this fine crystal clear product available.

The colorful Vitamin water is a product of the Coca Cola company and comes in numerous flavors and special editions. Glaceau Vitaminwater even created a so called Facebook flavor that was started with a special social media campaign.

Evian mineral water originates from the Lac Leman, the lake Geneva on the french side. It is part of the Danone group and accompanied by a Hotel Royal and Evian Spa on the lake shores. Baroness Marguerite de Reuter, the last name bearer to Reuters News Agency used to celebrate her birthday every year on the 14th of July at the luxurious Hotel and invited her celebrity guests like Lady Spencer or Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe to the festivities. She was heard saying: The only place where i can even bath in Evian water.

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