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Whats Going On With These Orange County Beaches and Restaurants ? Packed and Full …

San Clemente Restaurant opens to over a hundred in line waiting for alcohol and food
in 85 plus weather. When Orange County Beaches were closed in an extended order Orange county has been seen to protest these moves. The Huntington Beach City Council after seeing their local constituents fill the streets voted 5-2 and Dana Point City Council voted to take legal action against the extended stay at home orders. A Superior Court Judge placed it over for full
hearing. As Corona has hit so many lifes most are ready to just go back to a regular
life, work and enjoy their beaches.

Nomads Canteen Restaurant opened at 11:30 am and was instantly packed
inside and on the patio despite the 88 degree heat business was the same hot. The line waiting was wrapped around the parking lot and stretched all the way out to the street. People in line stated they were there to support the restaurant and people in line were very angry. The place
was almost run over. People were ordering everything on the menu.

Later that day the Orange County Sheriff Barnes told news reporters that he had no intention to arrest anyone opening up early unless things began to get out of order. I walked around Dana Point last night and the beaches were still closed but people were out on the walkway and
riding bikes and were very friendly. By day two the owner of Nomads added two security
guards and demanded people to have masks and practise social distancing.

The people in line and dining and drinking seemed to be orderly and there was an air of
happiness and relief. Something for all to see. Further North Paddy’s Irish Pub in the old
train box cars in San Juan Capistrano also was packed with both in house and patio
dining in 86 degree heat serving fish n chips and lots and lots of beer and adult
beverages. People were almost in a state of nirvana meaning peace, happiness and
heaven. It was something to see the joy on my fellow Orange Countians and
Californian’s faces. My sense is no one wants anyone to get corona virus but its time to
open up and let people get some normality back in their life. People want to go the park
for picnics and to restaurants and go back to normal. Beach openings are supposed to
be phased starting in Laguna Beach which is one of the smallest in OC, but my sense is
people will just attack the beach and it will be filled with families enjoying food, fellowship, fiesta and fun. But please with a distance…

Dr. Mark A. Rafter
All Rights Reserved