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Mara Siegler of Page Six New York Post is Guilty Of Age Shaming and a Bad Journalist says Colleague Robert W. Cabell

Gossip “writer” Mara Siegler has demonstrated her journalistic talent to bluntly ignore facts, the truth and is guilty of age shaming.

When she abused H.H. Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe and his girlfriend Andrea Catsimatidis for a story that contained false information, she also could not even get the age of the Prince right. Born nineteen seventy seven makes him 46 and not 47 as she wrote.

The correction demand she ignored as much as she ignored the birth certificate in her email – per pdf.

“Her smear journalism brings our entire profession bad reputation and we owe her word like #fakenews and the trust in journalists get lost! Her attempted writing is just not up to par, if she cant even get a birth date right. If i would represent talent to be interviewed by her, i would clearly say: Run! Mara Siegler is a bad journalist”, Robert W. Cabell states. He has written for the New York Post himself and was a producer for Aaron Spelling working on hit shows.

Robert W. Cabell

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