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Charlotte Griffith Daily Mail IS A STONE COLD LIAR – Author Robert W. Cabell uncovered !

Charlotte Griffith has a dark and murky reputation when it comes to her attempts in journalism, so Robert W. Cabell, who was shocked by her conduct: “When I see how people react to her on twitter, I have not seen a single comment of approval. People truly hate her fake news stories!”.

Latest example for cold stone fabrications, commonly known as LIES, are her comments on GBN, the so called Britains News Channel.

Griffith fabricates: ” This Mario-Max guy is flocking stuff on QVC”, whilst His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max zu Schaumburg-Lippe has never been on QVC, in contact with QVC or affiliated by any means. This stone cold lie is part of Griffith defamation campaign she ran with Caroline Graham and Martin Robinson in the Daily Mail. They are used to make a living on hit jobs and ruin peoples lifes, based on their miserable journalistic skills.

“When it comes to integrity or acceptable quality then the trio infernale Griffith, Graham and Robinson fail, they are a bolt ZERO out of TEN!”, Cabell adds. “I am the first to acknowledge hopeful wannabe journalists but for Charlotte Griffith I lost every hope. She stoops and scoops beyond gutter level. But I am sure the people being responsible for Garbage trucks, I admire their work, would not want to have to deal with cold stone liars like her!”, Robert W. Cabell sumarized and: “Griffiths Trash reports are not only disturbing but also stink, as she fabricates things herself the way she wants to and feels to get away with it. For every PR guy, and Press Rep a big red flag. I will make sure my talent does not interact with this wannabe Charlotte Griffith!”.

We are also currently figuring out if Ben Chapman was tricked or is part of of the Griffith campaign, and if she got paid to play her fabrications. She also claimed a german name alike guy named Alex to be superior, a head of family or relative to Prince Waldemar or his son Prince Mario-Max, despite them having nothing to do with this guy and distancing themselves from Alex. *The have a Royal Danish Mother (Prince Waldemar) or Grandmother (Prince Mario-Max) which Alex both lacks.

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe distances himself from Alexander and Heinrich Donatus Schaumburg-Lippe
Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe distances himself from Alexander and Heinrich Donatus Schaumburg-Lippe


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