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Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe’s mom, Dr. Princess Antonia, asks Caroline Graham to step down from dailymail after fakenews campaign against Prince Mario Max and Prince Harry

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe’s mom, Dr. Princess Antonia, asks Caroline Graham to step down from dailymail after fakenews campaign against Prince Mario Max and Prince Harry

‘Caroline Graham cannot stoop lower – I would advise everyone to stay away’, German Princess Dr. Antonia Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe commented about the tacky hate-story of Dailymail’s Los Angeles Bureau Chief about Prince Harry and her son Prince Mario-Max.


Prince Harry won an award bestowed by fellow aviators, had a chat with Prince Mario-Max, who congratulated him, and then both became the target of an unprecedented hate-campaign launched by Caroline Graham. Her article is a pure character assassination as she questions Prince Mario-Max’s name in her article despite receiving the certified government documents beforehand, proving the royal heritage of Prince Mario-Max’s name. Graham blatantly ignored the facts so that she could fabricate her own story. She gave a jealous hater with the same last name a platform to bully Prince Mario-Max. She even elevated this hater into a fictitious, non-existent position as “head of the family”. Such a position does not exist in German law. Prince Waldemar always strongly distanced himself from those delusional, megalomaniac, Schaumburg-Lippe. It would compare to one Graham disses other Grahams, and makes herself the one and ultimate Graham.

Stay Away from Caroline Graham if you are interested in serious journalism, Princess Antonia states: “I am a lawyer, politician and journalist and her conduct violates journalistic standards. Hate articles, bullying and fake news have no space in serious journalism Mrs. Graham!”.

Dr. Princess Antonia is the widow of His Highness Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe from the Royal line of the Schaumburg-Lippe family. His mother was Princess Feodora of Denmark. Prince Waldemar was in the line of succession to the British Throne.

“Prince Waldemar distanced himself lifelong from that Non-Royal-Danish-Ancestry lower German Schaumburg-Lippe line, that loves to target the Prince Mario-Max family to get their 5 minutes in the news. Its obscure that they present themselves as elevated commentators being not even of the same rank as Prince Waldemar was. Mrs. Graham fell for it. She was perfectly abused to bully Prince Mario-Max’s family with her fake news story. There is no head of anything or superior Schaumburg-Lippe under German law, and she blindly fell into a fabricated narrative, despite having government documents about the legacy and names of the real Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe family in her hands!”.

 It is disturbing how Graham harvested her editorial position and abused it to run this nonsense.

Dr. Mario-Max Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe is a Los Angeles based lawyer, journalist and SAG-AFTRA, EQUITY and AGVA host and actor.

Out of hundreds of appearances and airings of more then 150 own news segments on IMDB, Graham selected one 10 year old entertainment gig like hosting teleshopping (fragrance line) and a Celebrity Big Brother appearance for her spotlight.

As members of LA Press Club, the Austrian Press Club, SAG-AFTRA etc. the family calls the level of journalism of Caroline Graham very painful! We would advise everyone to stay away from this woman.

Interesting fact about the Graham story is also she selected social media comments on

Graham selected 2 troll comments instead of quoting the dozens of comments Pro-Prince-Harry, to manipulate facts. Most of the commentators are highly alert about the tabloid campaign against Prince Harry and anyone being seen or talking with him.

 The prestigious Living Legends of Aviation Awards could have definitely not stooped any lower than having Caroline Graham present, giving a jealous hater of the Prince Waldemar, Dr. Princess Antonia and Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe family a platform to bully and make the hater a big deal.

 Dr. Antonia Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe therefore calls Caroline Graham to urgently step down from her position as Bureau Chief of Dailymail / Mail on Sunday in Los Angeles as her fictitious fabrications are more adequate for troll blogs than media websites. That Fakenews conduct has to stop immediately.

The guilt of Co-authoring her fake news story or copy and past publishing it is shared with:  MARTIN ROBINSON, MATT STRUDWICK and CHARLOTTE GRIFFITHS OF DAILYMAIL MAIL ON SUNDAY. Reilly Sullivan Skynews Australia.  SAM ORMISTON, and HANISHA SETHI Josh Saunders The Sun. Chiara Fiorillo The Mirror. Angie Morgan InternationalTheNews.

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