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Meet Hollywood Newest Heartthrob Sam Campbell IV

Sam Campbell IV,  is a Model and Actor based in Manhattan and Hollywood,CA.

In our exclusive interview Sam revealed: I am a person who loves to share my passion and help others. And he got a lot to share…
His passion – and looks – got him right into walking NYFW Spring and Summer 2023.  Celebrity Designer Prashant Goyal of Heritage India organized the head-turning show. The trained actor has worked with filmmaker Rob Diamond,  who became an amazing mentor and acting coach for him,
“What moves and encourages me is my passion and knowing that I can help change someone’s life through modeling and film acting, And to be a leader and inspiration in today’s world. Critique does not usually bother me, as I have found joy and happiness in my life. My next trip leads me to Palm Springs California,  I will be staying at an iconic resort that was the compound of an oscar winning movie. Being a night owl, I typically spend the nights working on scripts and scene work, and perfecting my craft. Personally I would love to dine with Marlon Brando and James Dean in the past, two of my favorite actors and inspirations. If I was to bestow a decoration or award upon somebody it would be my good friend Gabe Hamilton for always being there for me when times were hard. He has helped me a lot. These Couple weeks especially in life.”
He is a foodie too, my favorite restaurant where you will find me is Texas Roadhouse. Those rolls you cannot go wrong with.  A busy lifestyle needs a good balance too: I typically relax turning on a favorite show.  Or taking a warm bath with essential oils…
If I could be someone for a week I would be Superman I love the qualities he has. he is my favorite super hero.  What Character’s attributes do I treasure? The character’s attributes which I treasure Is Superman, cause he is tumble strong. Loves to help others, and is honest, forthright and assertive.
Talking about books, the book I read last was James Deans biography. It was a very inspirational book And just how amazing his life was and what he had to go through to become an actor. Also I want to be able to be an amazing actor in this time and help other people as well to reach their goals in life and be an inspiration to others. I also wanna start a non profit for foster kids. To be able to give them something in life to look forward too,  and give them life coaching skills and be an inspiration to them.  Dealing with obstacles I have been able to overcome and fight through those and without those life lessons I would not be where I am today so I am very proud and grateful for them.
Drinks? My favorite drink is Jack Daniels and Coke, I know it’s super simple but I just love it!!
My biggest success so far Is being able to break into the modeling and some of the worlds biggest shows. My biggest down was, when I was a teenager and I was taking care of myself living on my own and going to high school and work while paying my own bills.  It was very difficult I didn’t have a lot of family support at that time and I had to pull through by my own strength. But I had an amazing teacher, he was my ceramics teacher and he took me under his wing and coached me and was one of the many people who helped become the man I am a still becoming today.
Let’s talk about luxury?  I would define luxury as creating a positive life and happy life, and surrounding yourself with uplifting positive people in your life. What can’t you understand? I personally struggle with  School I have always had a difficult time in school. But I’ve always found a way to be able to get through it. A life wisdom I would love to share with you guys: When the going gets tough keep going because you never know what good may come out of it. Or what life may reward you for overcoming the obstacles you face in life. Never quit never give in. Always strive to be the best version of yourself.  And always be real, authentic and be yourself.
And whats your motto?  My motto is, entertain, empower and influence others for the best.
My favorite Website is and my favorite sport Basketball,  i love Miami Heat. My favorite App is easy to guess, it is YouTube cause I always love learning new things. Especially about history.
What secret have you never told any one before? I did not have a lot of family growing up that was supportive of me. The only person I’ve had my whole life is myself and those I’ve chose to let in period. Think the best thing you can do for yourself is not care what others think and keep going when it gets hard and become the better version of yourself. And prove them wrong!!
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