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Europe’s favorite sexpert Sandra Spick lands new TV-format

The talk is breathtaking in „Let‘s talk about Sex mit Sandra Spick“, and don’t worry she is back on screen every thursday. Sandra Spick is the one-woman success story of how a young radio broadcaster, youtuber and collumnist turned Austro-Oprah and celebrity sexpert Sandra Spick.

She’s radiantly happy and healthy — a positive spirit who has seduced her audience with her phenomenal voice. A role model for females of all ages.

“I love you guys”, she says, noticing the audience. It’s interesting to learn that Spick headlined Europe’s best events and functions as a host and emcee. This led to her interactive skills that makes her new tv-gig a vibrant European counterpart to Oprah Winfreys style of conduction very personal television shows in the US.

Sandra Spick is a no-nonsense expert, believable, credible and all over again this singular star power we know from a very select few women on tv.
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