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Keenon Robotics Conquers The World And Our Marco Polo Knows More

Many of us and especially in the business community have borne the weight of Covid. As things are opening up, many entities are hosting events and launching out into the marketplace. This past week Keenon Robotics hosted their Grand Opening in Irvine, California, and the Modern Day Marco Polo was invited. I enjoy bringing about the happenings as its news for our audience. I am always interested in what is going on in the community and new tech. Like many technology advances, many think robots are disruptive and take away jobs especially in the hotel/restaurant business. However, I find robots are fun. Imagine the Keenon Robot herein above delivering you some of those tasty crusted shrimp. Simply delicious.

As reporters we ask questions, seek answers and the pulse of things and verify. MD Marco Polo research finds robots actually increase service and support as well as robots lend themselves to a better customer or dining experience. I found most people I interviewed like robots. People began to get use to robots in movies like Star Wars and the Star Wars Series wherein robots became not only useful but personal. There are hundreds of robots running around the US every day. Many of my friends who have robots going across their expensive hand laid wooden floors cleaning and vacuuming.

Keenon Robotics started in 2010 in Shanghai Purdong and set out to be a leader in on- line delivery. In 2015 they came out with their first robot. Now Keenon is the largest robot company in China and maybe soon the world. Keenon is in 60 plus countries, China, Malaysia, Canada, US, Italy, Africa, Australia just to mention a few, 600 plus cities. Keenon has over 51% of the restaurant market in China with over 30,000 units in the market. They are a company well known with a priority for better support and service.

It was a very warm festive event from initial greeting from Gina Chow the Operations Manager, with speeches from many well know Chinese business dignitaries such as our friend David the Chairman of YK America Group (U.S.) and his team a Southern California based real estate investment and development company with over 20 years of experience in real estate related businesses. YK America is a prime example of a company with shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, office buildings where-in Keenon Robots provide YK America the opportunity to broaden the scope of their business with enhanced service experiences for its affiliated business partners and customers.

Additionally, there were a large gathering of bankers, other robotic companies and associates, bankers, technology experts and followers, local community friends emceed by the wonderful Gigi Yam who has that remarkable three elements, bilingual, bilateral and bicultural and of course a great sense of stage presence with humor, complete with ribbon cutting and a wonderful champagne buffet. Theodore Wang came to the microphone and shared that Irvine is the First Footprint for Keenon Robotics. Theodore dubbed July 28 th to be known as Keenon Brand Day. Privately speaking with Theodore, he also shared the Keenon strategic plan with expansion of a sales force and service technicians across the US and within two months opening an office in New York.

Theodore shared Clearly when some companies come to America they come for profit. Keenon surely wants to make a profit with its technology products but Keenon is creating jobs and is discussing a possible robotics competition and scholarship program for kids who may someday be serviced technicians of the future. There are many robotic companies out there but few have the track record of clean and efficient robots. Keenon Robotics is a Top 50 in Artificial Intelligence company. An award winning company that has a creative R&D staff that is committed to enhancing the lifestyle of every one of their consumers through expert products and service. Keenon Robotics is not only and industry leader but help in the formulation of the standards for safety for service robots.

Colin Wong, US Sales Manager shared that Keenon Robotics received a $200 million USD investment from SoftBank and a strategic partnership with OEM for Hyundai Robots. Colin shared some of the target markets for Keenon Robotics are Hotels, Restaurants, High Rise Apartments serving elevator integration for delivery, Hospitals and many other potential market segments.

Keenon will set their priority with product upgrades for existing customers but Keenon has many new products coming and welcomes new customers with a promise to continue their focus on efficient 24 to 48 hour service. Keenon products are accurate, engaging, efficient, smart, adaptable, interactive, robust and add to convenience. The event was topped off with a cake cutting and champagne toast and looking forward one can see Keenon has a strong initial first step to create a big footprint in the US.

Robots whether people think they are disruptive or not, robots are here to stay. Robots are an item of convenience and for now and especially for the next generation. MD Marco Polo looks forward to the new AI Keenon Robots yet to come.

Dr. Mark A. Rafter
All Rights Reserved