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World Madam Launching Ceremony of the California Division of the United States

On January 2, 2022 the California Division of the World Madam Competition, the launching
ceremony was held in the banquet hall of Taste of Beauty Vegetarian Catering and Culture
Group. As most of us have experienced and as is often confusing with so many mixed messages
from government and health officials the event followed proper protocols. Taste of Beauty is
unique upscale Asian Fusion Tea Culture House and Vegetarian Restaurant trying to achieve an
atmosphere of compassion as human beings. It can be said, one experienced a feel of beauty,
harmony, and peace and Taste of Beauty was a perfect setting for the World Madam California
Division Launching Ceremony event. Angel Lee, executive vice chairman of WM California
Division, served as the chief planner and host. Angel was simply amazing as Host and emcee.

The women were elegant. The entertainment made me homesick to go back and visit China and
the vegetarian fine dining cuisine was one of the best in OC.

The co-sponsors include Hollywood Culture Media Group, Uplive Global Live Streaming
Platform, Taste of Beauty Vegetarian Catering and Culture Group,
Hantian Satellite TV, Western American Television, Dragon Eagle Satellite TV, and others.
In America the term “Madam” has a less than admirable connotation to it but in Asia and China
it is a “Title of Honor & Respect.”

This is especially true for the World Madam organization and its lovely participants. Founded by Annie Huang, World Madam is a global married woman event guide under the principle: One step for madam – One Step for the world symbolizes an organization of inclusiveness. The aim of World Madam (“WM”) is to link power of influential married women around from 31 countries with 66 regions with over 100 women’s associations participating or hosting and 10,000 ladies representing outstanding women, with the soft power of women to promote cultural exchanges, economy, science and technology.

The World Madam “Crown Changes Lives” campaign is a call for an awakening for married
women to enhance the spread of health, beauty, and love while improving the status of women in
a global world of political, economic and social status. Many women organizations have
appearance and beauty but World Madam support appearance with virtue, talent and service.
With the Crown Changes Lives attitude World Madam presents a voice for the beauty, charm,
ability of women! World Madam women make extraordinary achievements for humanity while
balancing their careers and families.

The Crown Changes Lives Campaign encourages married women not only to better care for
themselves, but World Madam women are given to service and global charity activities
promoting the vision and goal of “Families Shae Harmony and Happiness for the benefit of all
Humanity. World Madam women donate through acts of kindness and love to women while
advancing children’s rights and the more vulnerable such as autistic children.
World Madam Global Executive Chairman Lisa Chen of the Hollywood Culture Media Group
staged 11 UN Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert organized in both China and the US with
over 500 guests and 1 million streamed on line audience.

It has been my experience that few Chinese engage in charitable activities and work let alone
Chinese women. Charities and non-profit organizations are yet still a rarity in China but as China
modernizes its growing. One senses that as Chinese learn and as World Madam learns they will
engage the tens of thousands of married women to many more charitable activities and the
empowerment of women from a local to a global scale.

My belief is coming out of “The Covid” this organization will grow exponentially and they will
host many more events, attract many sponsors who support empowerment of women,
strengthening families and charitable work for the benefit of children.
Fully Equipped with beauty, charm, elegance and intelligence the leaders of World Madam have
forged out a beginning of a quiet change for married women, children, families and humanity
and we wish the World Madam Organization continued growth and success.

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