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Worlds Best Modernism Show started with Limon a trendy Design home in Palm Springs

Modernism Week is back – Welcome to the Modernism Week Fall Preview 2021

Limón, a colorful seven-bedroom private escape in South Palm Springs.  Constructed in 1964 and originally built as an apartment house named Stuart Manor, Limón is one of the most unique buildings in Palm Springs as it is an all-steel structure.  Fans of the famous Town and Country Restaurant located in downtown Palm Springs’ “The Center” will be interested to know that its owners and builders, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, also built this fireproof residential building.

Come enjoy and be inspired by the recent renovations by H3K Design, who have transformed the property into a holiday landing place that can accommodate 14 guests in separate suites, all surrounding a gleaming swimming pool.  Take in the large communal kitchen, fit for a coterie of chefs and outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances and international décor. H3K Design is excited to share this incredible one of a kind property inspired by the optimistic era and continental graphics and style of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

The property’s recent renovations utilized brands such as BrizoDunn-Edwards PaintsFerguson Bath, Kitchen and LightingFlorJennAir and Willis.

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