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THOMAS MACE STAR COMMENT – ROYAL JUBILEE MUSIC: Capture the True Essence and Feel of the Jubilee Celebrations, Not Another £1M BBC Production for a Jubilee Anthem That Fails to Mention Queen or Country.

Preparations are underway for the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in
June of 2022 with identical events and similar schedules approved, that we were already
treated to ten years ago, in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of 2012. Despite the
excitement and fervour associated with an extra bank holiday in 2022 and a never before
celebrated milestone in British Royal history, one British organisation is not about to recycle
decade old events and lean on Buckingham Palace Courtiers to tell them how to devise and
carry out their own celebrations, especially those with a musical flair. Developing into the
largest, pre-eminent, and most visible monarchist organisation within the media since the
Diamond Jubilee, The British Monarchists Society has always bucked the trend in celebrating
Britain’s global Crown and has achieved a truly representative musical celebration which is
worthy to be crowned the Platinum Jubilee Anthem of 2022.

With the backing of numerous British Lords and Members of Parliament, The British
Monarchists Society is no stranger to supporting and defending the Queen, especially in times
of celebration, as the nation is commemorating and giving thanks for Her life’s calling in
service to Her people around the world. Challenging Brit boyband legend, Gary Barlow of
the British boy band Take That, who co-wrote the 2012 BBC Diamond Jubilee Anthem
“Sing” with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, funded and produced by the BBC, The British
Monarchists Society took centre stage during those Royal celebrations in what Canada
Television News (CTV) described as the “Battle of The Anthems”. Appalled that a Jubilee
Anthem created by a state broadcaster would fail to mention Her Majesty by name or title,
and failed to utter one word reflecting the Queen’s unwavering and dedicated service to the
nation, the British Monarchists Society challenged and met the BBC head on with their own
musical tribute to Her Majesty with their patriotic hit, “Like A Diamond”. As millions of
pounds of public funds were spent by the BBC to send Mr. Barlow around the world
engaging the children of the Commonwealth to perform the word “Sing”, the public
broadcaster’s musical tribute of 2012 was a costly musical celebration that failed to capture
the spirit of the Jubilee or the meaning and symbolism behind it.
Happy with the Society’s musical tribute to Her Majesty, the British public supported the
track “Like A Diamond”, downloading it hundreds of thousands of times, and viewing it with
over a million hits on YouTube with a fitting and reflective music video. The British
Monarchists Society was triumphant with “Like A Diamond” over the nation’s public
broadcaster in capturing the essence, meaning, and symbolism behind the Jubilee celebration,
at less than a fraction of the cost of their public-funded counterpart. To say the 2012 musical
efforts of the British Monarchists Society was a success would be quite the understatement.
Not to be trusted with the creation of yet another failed BBC musical tribute to Her Majesty
for the Platinum Jubilee of 2022, the British Monarchists Society has already answered the
call for next year’s musical celebrations. Behind the idea and commission of their first
Jubilee Anthem “Like A Diamond”, Society Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, has taken
the British Monarchists Society to new heights with their newly completed musical demo,
“EIIR: A Platinum Record (We Thank You from Our Hearts). Engaging well-known musical
genius, Royal Composer and Society Patron, Dr. Olga Thomas-Bosovskaya, as well as
Classical singer and songwriter, Anton Van Der Mere, Mace-Archer-Mills has pulled out all
the stops in creating a classical-crossover musical production which is truly a world showcase

of Her Majesty’s Realms and Territories across the seas. Writing the words and verses of the
new Jubilee Anthem with Anton Van Der Mere, composed by Dr. Olga Thomas-Bosovskaya
and Aton Van Der Mere, “EIIR: A Platinum Record (We Thank You from Our Hearts) is
described by Mace-Archer-Mills as, “A musical journey through the Queen’s life as well as
an epic circumnavigation around the commonwealth – Her Life’s work, visiting the musical
representations of Her Majestys Realms and Her people, whilst highlighting their respect for
the Queen’s seventy-years of dedicated service to not only the United Kingdom, but their own
nations across the globe.”
“EIIR: The Platinum Record” is a crossover world music style work, incorporating a typical
British classical ceremonial introduction, representative of the United Kingdom, which then
seamlessly glides in between the worlds continents and regions, guiding the listener to the
farthest corners of the Commonwealth in a glorious sound tapestry of African, Indian,
Australasian, Caribbean, and Scottish/Celtic flavours. The new Jubilee anthem is created in
two-parts, a wonderful and truly classical introduction by Royal Composer, Dr. Olga
Thomas-Bolsovskaya, titled The Four British Nations;. This wonderful piece is composed in
a British State pomp theme, an Elgar-esque inspired creation, which lends to the suggestion
of both a slow and quick march framed by the powerful reverberations of State trumpets, with
chants and shouts of Vivat Regina and Elizabetha arranged by Thomas Mace-Archer-
Mills. The Four British Nations will introduce the world-showcase of sounds found in part-two, with a sumptuous melding and transition from a classical State production into the fresh
and lively sounds of Her Majestys Realms, including but not limited to, steel drums of the
Caribbean, the Didgeridoo of Australia, Hindi, Maori, and Swahili chants referencing Her
Majesty, as well as other musical representations found around the world under Britain’s
global Crown. The demo track of the British Monarchists Society’s Jubilee Anthem which
has just been approved for release, features the musical stylings of Anton Van Der Mere and
West End darling Georgina Dayer. This professionally created track is an audio
representation of the work which is to be provided to some of the most well-known musical
stars in the business.

Household names in Classical, Contemporary, Rock, R & B, and Soul music have been
contacted to be a part of this new musical celebration of Her Majesty’s milestone by Louise
Harris PR and Talent Management, who has donated her time and resources in making this
celebration the best it can be with reference to the artists invited to partake in this musical
celebration of the Queen. In addition to individual artists, choirs and other organisations have
been approached to feature on the final recording and in the associated musical video,
including the Queen’s bands within the Household Division, MOD. The release date for the
Jubilee Anthem, "EIIR: The Platinum Record (We Thank You from Our Hearts)", is
scheduled for Accession Day, 6 February 2022, the day on which Her Majesty, The Queen
ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom.

The Anthem will be accompanied by a music video, depicting some of the greatest highlights
of the Queen’s reign within Her Realms thus far, and will be released on all major digital
outlets where it will be available for purchase. This musical celebration of Her Majesty’s
seven-decades of service to the people of the world will feature on the website of the British
Monarchists Society, as well as its own website where readers can learn more, listen to the
demo teaser, and see/watch photos and recordings of the demo in creation

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