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Jeff Bezos became the worlds favorite Astronaut! Cool, safe and impressive flight.

When you are about to rocket into space, you have to glide to the launch site in class and style. It’s just how these things work best for successful entrepreneurs.

And that’s what Jeff Bezos and crew did Tuesday as they headed to the Blue Origin rocket that took them into space for a minutes and higher then any rivals flight.

To make their way to the New Shepard launch ship, the space travelers first boarded a beholden-to-gravity electric vehicle made by start-up Rivian. Bezos the astronaut has taste.

Amazon, which Bezos founded and chairs after recently stepping down as CEO, invested in Rivian and got a fleet for delivery purposes. Bezos cares for our environment and the future of our planet.

Congratulations to the super successful Blue Origin rocket launch by Jeff Bezos.

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