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The Queen, The Bad, and The Americans: How “woke” Britain condemned a Loyal MP and an historic celebration of its Monarch.

Chairman Thomas Mace Archer Mills exclusive. Knowing the facts and the workings of a particular scheme are no longer essential to the direction of a conversation these days, at least within the United Kingdom. As British society continues its push to import and engage in left-leaning and divisive political issues, we thank God for the Americans who seem to be more British than the British.

Assumption, hate, and ignorance are what was on the menu across the pond last week, as what should have been a fun and unifying campaign to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II spiralled out of control, fuelled by the aggressive cancel-culture tactics of the Twittersphere. Ripe for the block, according to the latest baying British mob, was none other than Buckinghamshire representative Joy Morrissey MP, the American-born conservative from the State of Indiana.

Conveying her respect for her Sovereign, through the campaigning of a project lead by The British Monarchists Society and its American-born Founder, Royal expert and commentator, Thomas Mace-ArcherMills, Joy Morrissey’s respect and love for Her Majesty was ridiculed, demeaned, and treated in a most small-minded manner by those who are supposed to be tolerant, understanding, and open thinkers… an irony typical of the leftists woke classes. As the British left loves to hate anything, or anyone one for that matter remotely patriotic and pro-British, queue the Americans who have come to call Britain their home.  Answering the call against the liberal left’s ideology to denounce the fantastic traditions and history of the popular great island nation, Americans have become the new poster children for the lost generations of the UK’s pro-British, flag-waving, pro-monarchy, “One Britain, One Nation” conservative push to celebrate British heritage and history.

Examining the sensationalised story as it unfolded in the British press, it became quite clear that there was something amiss in the way certain factions of British society reacted to the American-born MP’s campaign to celebrate Her Majesty, the Queen, in the lead up to the historic, never celebrated, Platinum Jubilee of Britain’s longest lived, longest reigning monarch. Last Wednesday, news broke that Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, Joy Morrissey, who is a Core Patron of the British Monarchists Society, was launching a campaign: “I am proud to be launching a national campaign with the British Monarchists Society to put a Portrait of Her Majesty in every home, company and institution that would like one.” Nothing more was stated or implied by her simple statement letting people know that she was Spearheading such a campaign. What should have been a shining nugget of information to spark interest in a worthwhile campaign to come, which is designed to provide a portrait of the Head of State to subjects who would like one, which Australia and Canada already operate, was heavily criticised and shot down before it has even been unveiled and launched. Describing the campaign, Ms Morrissey said the scheme was, “wonderful, patriotic and unifying” and said she would write to the Prime Minister to ask him to give it “careful consideration”.

Belittling the MP, attacking her values, making fun of and mocking her for her respect of Her Majesty, and further making their prejudices known with xenophobic slurs about her place of birth, without knowing how the State Portrait Project is to be funded, people took to assumption and speculation, accusing the Member of Parliament of ignoring the issues affecting her constituents such as food banks, children’s issues, and the plight of the British public during the ongoing pandemic. They accused her of making a celebration of the Queen a priority over the people of Beaconsfield whilst letting the taxpayer foot the bill for her “extravagantly costed” expense. The papers ran headlines stating, “MP Demands a Portrait of Queen within every Household”., however Ms. Morrissey did nothing of the sort. There were inferences that the portrait scheme was to be shouldered by the taxpayer, which set off a twitter storm of gargantuan proportions which quickly descended into a political blame game. Thomas Mace-ArcherMills of the organisation of which Ms. Morrissey is Patron offered, “There is really something ugly about the way people have treated this whole thing, especially attacking Joy. The actions of people regarding this portrait scheme show they know nothing about the scheme, or what is to be “free” – a downloadable PDF version to print at home. Such reactions from certain politicians, actors, and comedians who think they are funny, and just plain abusive, hateful keyboard warriors, are certainly why we can’t have nice things in this country anymore. People want to condemn something before knowing anything about it, then turn it political when it is not. They want to gang up and cancel an idea before it is explained. Talk about small-minded. I was always under the impression that facts matter, and they should be well known before opening one’s mouth.

Dead set on the assumption that Ms. Morrissey was planning on petitioning the government to pay for the portrait scheme, many called the programme a waste of money, that could be better spent taking care of the needs of people up and down the breadth of the nation. Commenters went on the offensive making a celebratory apolitical scheme, a hot political issue, blaming the Conservative government for the fiscal state of the nation, the suffering of the nation, and even the pandemic itself. Responding to such allegations of misappropriation of funds in relation to the funding of the portrait scheme during a time of national emergency, Mace-ArcherMills stated, “As for a huge waste of money, people have assumed how the scheme was going to be funded, rather than let Joy explain and offer an outline. Words have been put in her mouth, including the assertion that Joy has made this campaign a priority over her constituents and their plights during the ongoing pandemic, which is most certainly not the truth. If people would use common sense, stop the speculation, and ask what this portrait scheme is, and how will it be funded, the ugliness could have been avoided. But instead of waiting for the scheme to be released, everyone decided to take to twitter, jump the gun, and really show the worst of what they had to offer without the knowledge needed to comment.

Wishing to further outline as to why she wanted to see the portrait project proceed, Ms. Morrisey spoke to the Daily Star stating, “The portrait is of course a celebration of her Majesty’s 2022 milestone, but more so it is a tool to further education within the household for both children and parents together…Royal education, including the Queen’s role, duties, finances, etc, are very little understood amongst the larger majority of the British public, and it is further hoped that this portrait initiative will help to spark questions about Her Majesty, The Crown, and the monarchy, which should be taught to our children up and down the country.

Without any information about the State Portrait Project issued, how the scheme was to be managed, what constitutes a “free” portrait, or an outline as to the key components of the programme, left-leaning, nationalist, republican British politicians, actors, comedians, and the ever-present keyboard warriors of Twitter took their time-honoured places to spread misinformation, speculation, and hate in a manner which only they could conjure. What should have been a unified celebration for the nation in whole, was swiftly turned into a partisan issue, torn apart by those who are ashamed of anything to do with British pride, and use any excuse possible not to celebrate the Queen or what she stands for. The Daily Mirror sensationalised the story further stating, “Even anti-woke Boris Johnson does not back the campaign by the British Monarchists Society”. Calling out the falsity, Thomas Mace-ArcherMills, Founder of The British Monarchists Society hit back stating, “It is impossible for The Prime Minister to state he does not support our campaign, because he has simply not yet received the outline of the scheme, its inclusions, or any associated costs, which are nil at best. I have not sent a letter to 10 Downing and as far as I am aware, Joy has not yet either. Therefore, Boris would have only found about such a scheme the way the rest of the nation has, through twitter and now the papers.

Mr. Mace-ArcherMills went on to further defend Ms. Morrissey from the abuse, “I think it is unfortunate that Joy has been attacked for her willingness to support such a campaign, considering all she did was announce she was going to help spearhead a project. People have not waited for an outline of the project or to see what the scheme would entail. Twitter has been filled with speculation and assumption without fact – a sign of the times, I guess. It is hoped that when the public see what the scheme is, what it’s based on, and how it has been successful within the Realms, they will offer an apology for jumping the gun and commenting on something they did not have knowledge of.

Ms. Morrissey MP explained why she wanted to celebrate the Queen’s milestone with the British Monarchists Society saying, “I have always looked up to the Queen as a source of ‘girl power’, class, style, duty, and statesmanship, even before I became a British citizen. When I look at the portrait of Her Majesty in my home, or the new one I purchased for my office, I am reminded that I belong to something greater than myself, I belong to a nation that is unique in every aspect of its being, with a history richer and more treasured than many others. A portrait of our Queen in my home is a constant reminder that there are people in this world that will always look out for the greater good of a people and their wellbeing, unobstructed by the partisan lines of politics. An apolitical figure looking back at me who holds the government of the day to account for the wellbeing of her people which is truly awe inspiring. It reminds me that as a British politician I am accountable not only to my constituents, but also my Sovereign. Her portrait gives me conscience to act by the oaths I took when I became both a British citizen and when I joined the House of Commons.

Despite the heartfelt sentiments expressed by the MP, Britain’s left leaning republicans, liberal oriented left politicians, and those who hate anything offered by conservatives, doubled down on the MP and upped-the-ante against what they perceived to be a “Tory indoctrinated push” in Fascist, Maoist training by issuing a portrait of our “Dear Leader”. Dragons’ Den star and business investor Deborah Meaden tweeted about the campaign: “Don’t be bloody ridiculous. “Divisive, jingoistic and stinking of the portraits put up in fear in despotic countries. Our Queen deserves more respect than shallow display.” Disgusted by the reality television star’s comment, Mace-ArcherMills stated, “I am completely dismayed with Deborah [Meaden] who bought into the twitter hype and added her two-pence worth of drivel, which truly shows her character. I am genuinely surprised she is where she is in business if she says “no” and criticises before hearing out a project in its infancy. Would she say “no” to investment opportunities, or to entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den without so much as listening to their concept or the outline of their project, no she would not. This is not a politically motivated project; it is simply a project to celebrate The Queen for her Platinum Jubilee. People should really keep their mouths shut until they are in possession of the facts.” Ignorance was rife and all too apparent in the comments section beneath Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts issued by the MPs camp announcing the portrait campaign. Newspapers and internet bloggers also jumped on the bandwagon of hate, without so much as an offering of what the State Portrait Project was about, allowing the campaign of bullying against the Buckinghamshire MP to carryon without respite.

 Albeit Joy Morrissey is a Conservative, and her announcement was not intended or meant to be political in the slightest, however, the axe came down hard and fast without remorse on a loyal Member of Her Majesty’s Parliament who stated that she, “was only trying to celebrate an historic milestone of the Queen”. Bitterly disappointed and disgusted by the actions of the media and those advancing the campaign of hate against the MP, several Americans and fellow monarchists posted messages of support for the MP which were quickly belittled by the festering thread of abuse and ridicule provided by the faceless anon of the Twittersphere. One comment on Ms. Morrissey’s Facebook page, aimed at an American in support of the MP was met with, “An American Oxymoron. How can you be an American monarchist; like a Soviet entrepreneur?” Other comments were rife with insult and ignorance with posts about the portrait campaign and the Queen herself stating, “Like North Korea!? No way I’m having a photo of that old bag on me wall.”, “The only place I would have that would be on my toilet roll.”, “I’m paying for the upkeep of the Queen, she should have a photo of me in her living room that she salutes every day.”, and many more were visible truly illustrating the uneducated abuse not only hurled towards those who stood up in defence of the MP, but Her Majesty, the Queen herself.

When asked about such comments written for all to see, Thomas Mace-ArcherMills, a fellow American-born monarchist, Royal expert, commentator, and historian stated, “I can only imagine what people are writing. What do decent people expect, it’s the Twittersphere, and those sorry individuals that have spewed hate and drivel towards Joy over this initiative, they have no class, respect, or proper upbringing. From the threats and abuse the British Monarchists Society has received itself over the past few days, including me personally, I can honestly say that there is a faction of society that is strictly comprised of horrible people. Their ignorance, together with loose lips, and their keyboard assaults are truly bullying personified. It is sad today when everyone is an expert in nothing and do not have the facts about anything. All they have are assumptions. All they have is hate. Bullying is what it is about now to silence something or someone they do not understand and or agree with. This is the problem with society today. It is their behaviour which shows the most about who they are as people – wreck less, abusive, and truly a reflection of the upbringing they have had – no respect instilled. I hope their families are proud of the people they have become.”

Tapping into the xenophobic undercurrent, many who came out against Ms. Morrissey were quick to remind anyone who would read their comments, that the Beaconsfield MP was American, and did not understand anything about being British, despite Ms. Morrissey holding a British passport and having to be a British citizen to become a Member of Parliament. Only a Brit can hold office within the British government. “Americans don’t understand how we are understated in our patriotism” one person wrote, while other opinions were shared in comment mocking Americans, showing disdain for those from the United States, and further discounting newly made British-Americans, or others who want and are working to become British citizens. One comment from Hong Kong went on to state how newly made British citizens certainly show more pride in Britain than those born there, because newly made Brits are grateful for what they have been given and are proud of the country they have become a part of. Despite several good comments of support, anyone defending British patriotism was silenced. Twitter warriors took aim at Mace-ArcherMills himself, trashing the British Monarchists Society as “An American show of British wannabes”, and ridiculing the organisation’s ten years of hard work and successful campaigns within the United Kingdom. Mace-ArcherMills, who was born in upstate New York and was the most interviewed Royal expert of the May 2018 Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has been specifically targeted, abused, and bullied in the past, as well as the present, for his love of, and works undertaken in defence of the British Crown, despite his mother being of British and British-Irish roots.

Unbeknownst to many within the United Kingdom, there is a history of Americans who have become British citizens and have added value, history, and pride to the country’s national story, especially within the Commons. Socialite Nancy Astor was the first American-born female Parliamentarian, and Britain’s own Prime Minister was born in America, New York to be exact. Business entrepreneurs decorated by the Queen such as British-American author, broadcaster, and pasta sauce manufacturer, Lloyd Grossman CBE was born and raised in Massachusetts. Even Madonna has previously played her part in British history by marrying a Brit, moving to London, changing her accent to fit in with her surroundings, and even directing a film about the Royal family’s most notorious couple, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. There is even a member of the British Royal family who has just been born in America, so what exactly is the problem with Americans wanting to move to, and become British? With so many more Americans who have crossed the pond from West to East, it can certainly be said that Joy Morrissey is in good company. Brits move to America all the time, especially those who want to advance their careers in acting, singing, talk and television programming, and no one bats an eyelid. So why are the British acting in a xenophobic manner against their American brethren? When the question of being born in America was asked of Ms. Morrisey, she said, “I may have been born in America, but my heart and mind is set in, and on the wellbeing of the United Kingdom. Americans do patriotism very well, however as British people we are more understated and less conspicuous with our displays of loyalty to our country. A private in-home portrait of our Queen is hardly a vulgar display of “American” styled patriotism. This nation, in decades past, had homes, businesses, and government institutions filled with portraits of past Monarchs – this is nothing new to what being British is about.

Ms. Morrissey went on to further explain about the portrait scheme in relation to her American born drive stating, “The State Portrait Campaign is nothing more than a celebration of the work and selfless duty Her Majesty has given to her people around the world for the past 70 years. Being American we are always told to follow our dreams, to work hard, to aspire to be the best we can be and to live the best life we can, whilst giving a helping hand to others less fortunate. This same ethos is what the Queen stands for. What I have learned in America, about looking up to those who have made a difference in national life, is no different than what is learned here within Britain. Many in the UK see the Queen as a positive role model of duty, strength, and superior statesmanship. Surely Her Majesty is an example to be celebrated, an icon which many throughout the nation can draw strength and example from. Why should this not be celebrated?”

Together Joy Morrissey MP, Thomas Mace-ArcherMills, the British Monarchists Society, and all those who defend and respect Her Majesty, will prevail in celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022. Knowing what we do about the “not much can keep them down”, and “if there is one thing to be said for Americans, they will get the job done”, this is their strength, and a compliment to their character. A lot can be said about Americans, but the ways in which Ms. Morrissey and Mr. Mace-ArcherMills have both fought for what they believe in, battled for what is right, and have worked hard against a thankless mob to celebrate and respect the most cherished institution the United Kingdom has, this should be recognised and celebrated. It is Americans like these two that take to their surroundings, throw themselves into society, and are productive members of a nation that is beginning to lose every trace of what it once was. It is true what Ms. Morrissey stated of the United Kingdom, “It is time to re-discover what it is to be British.”

The State Portrait Scheme: has obtained an outline of the State Portrait Project created by The British Monarchists Society and spearheaded by Joy Morrissey MP. Zeitblatt understands that the programme is in its infancy with a lot of work, and permissions by Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty’s government to be completed, however there will be little to no expense for the taxpayer or general public, should they desire to download the free version of the State Portrait. The scheme is to be a hybrid model created from both the Australian and Canadian schemes already in operation, allowing UK citizens to choose from a free download such as what Canada offers, or a physical printed portrait as seen in Australia. The physical portrait would incur a nominal cost-plus p&p for the applicant wanting such a copy.  In looking to model a successful campaign after those tried and tested as successful within the Realms, the Governor General’s Office in Canada, as well as the Australian Monarchist League (the sister organisation to The British Monarchists Society) have been contacted for guidance as to how their programmes are operated. The State Portrait Project is outlined to be available through a UK government department, more than likely DCMS [Department of Culture Media and Sport] and feature on the UK government website, to which a portrait can be obtained via application. The application process will be easy using electronic means, to which a British registered address must be used and correspond to the individual requesting the portrait. There will be a limit of one physical print per household and one free download per registered email address.

The British Monarchists Society has stated, “We are still outlining this programme and will be taking the next steps necessary to officially create and operate this initiative in time for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. This initiative may result in discussions with the Platinum Jubilee APPG, The Government and/or The Palace, but such an initiative would be a great way for the nation to celebrate Her Majesty and the place she holds at the heart of our great nation. Given time and public understanding of the scheme, we are sure that we can accomplish such a worthwhile campaign. We are not forcing people to have a portrait and if individuals decide not t partake, that is their business, however we do think it prudent to provide an outlet for those who want to have a Head of State portrait, to be able to obtain one without complication.”

Thomas Mace-ArcherMills is the Founder and Director of the British Monarchists Society, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Crown & Country Magazine and Director and Presenter od Crown & Country Radio. He is known as the worlds leading Royals and Monarchy expert and consulted by outlets around the globe of scientific expertise on Royalty. 
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