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Arts International – A Prayer for Peace

The Cultural Exchange and Bridge between East and West is always a key focus for
me. It is always personally moving to see people who seek to benefit others especially during
the pandemic turbulences and time of darkness. They are bringing Light and Love to
others in a time when many are staying at home and suffering in fear and despair. When
Light and Love comes it squeezes out the darkness. As we watch people in the
community and some who are using their talents and fame in this time of the pandemic,
the artist Zhang Yan will be donating this painting in the picture above “The Prayer” for
peace by 4 Lama from Tibet, which was exhibited at the Trump National Golf Club in New
Jersey, for auction at Sotheby’s with the proceeds going to promote world peace and relief to victims and first responders of the corona virus. This is being done in conjunction on May 14 th with the Vatican and Pope Francis hosting a World Prayer for which all faiths are invited to participate.

Zhang Yan has a long history of using Art Diplomacy to Bridge between East and West
in the pursuit of World Peace and Harmony. Zhang Yan, is a well-known the painter in
China and Europe. He has been ranked in the top 20 in China for his art’s value with the
exception of the two pieces Iron Staff Lama and The Cradling Arm collected by the
Vatican Museum permanently. Pope Francis collected Zhang Yan’s charcoal strokes
painting Snow Saint which was hung in the Pope’s living room. Zhang Yan was born in
Sichuan Province in 1963 and he began studying Chinese painting at age 12 and
studied Western Art at age 17. Zhang Yan is also an accomplished journalist and
documentary director working with such entities as Discovery and National Geographic
and CCTV on many international projects. He has been committed to studying Tibetan
Cultural and history. There is a strong cultural and historical remnant of Buddhism in
Sichuan and Chengdu home of the Giant Pandas.

Zhang Yan with this humble effort to donate a world class painting shows a continuing
effort by Zhang Yan to promote cooperation and understanding not just government to
government, city to city, company to company, but more importantly people to people.
Most people have a good heart and as people are stuck at home, they often wonder what can I do to help during this pandemic?

While tensions abound between some entities, Zhang Yan is not waiting on parties to
come together. He is not engaging in the politics of things. His heart is beyond just
diplomacy it is to use what God-Given talents and fame and is pressing forward with full
support of President Trump and the Pope for his efforts to help others and the dialog for
world peace. Many of Zhang Yan’s painting have been valued at $3 to $4 million USD.
The Prayer for Peace painting with the support of the President and the Pope should
bring a remarkable price at auction. I may tune in and watch the auction just to follow
how it goes and how many are benefited by the resource and money. Replacing fear
with blessing should be something that blesses and uplifts us all.

A special contribution from my heart sent to you:

Almighty God, The Creator of All Things, I humbly come before you seeking forgiveness
for all. We repent of our ways, and submit our perceptions of truth to Your Absolute
Truth. We honor You with all that we are, all we have, and all we do. We remind you of
your grace and mercy. The great plague has brought a fear that has filled the earth and
brought great harm to the people. We beseech You deliver us from all evil, and remove
this plague from our midst to heal our lands. We cry out in this darkness to seek Your
Light and Love to fill the earth. It is Love that casts out fear and gives us hope and
purpose. Let Love be so contagious that it fills the earth and brings humanity back
together in harmony and peace.

Grant us all, and the leaders who guide us, Wisdom and Discernment from above. Let us
hear The True Voice and follow the Wisdom of Your Instruction. Create in every one of
us a pure and willing heart to serve You, Love our neighbor and love all Creation;
Create is us all a sound mind to reject fear and not be deceived;
Raise us up out of despair to a healthy body, mind and spirit to once again be filled with
happiness, joy, peace and to prosper.

May we walk in the ways of love seeking peace and prosperity for all. Let the whole
Earth be filled with Your Glory!


Your Dr. Mark Rafter.

Dr. Mark A. Rafter
All Rights Reserved