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Tesla Royal Cyberstretch Study For Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe Of Germany

Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe is a successful media entrepreneur with a Royal background. His father Prince Waldemar comes from the oldest monarchy of Europe as grandmother is Princess Feodora of Denmark. The Prince, supported by his parents Prince Waldemar and Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany, has a successful international media career and was just seen in shows by NBC Universal, Endemol and runs a media company.

He just released his newest Tesla related plans:

“My current Cybertruck tri-motor vehicle order needs an upgrade! The spectacular reach of 500 miles plus the armored skin of the truck already serves as a perfect base for a Royal Cyber Stretch Limousine. In these times armored vehicles are a must anyhow and Elon Musks provides unique safety for everyone. He became one of my favorite car makers even If I grew up with the Porsche family in Salzburg and will always be solitary to their product families. I expect every nature and environment conscious Royal family to get a Royal Stretch Cybertruck by 2022. The number one Royal-Cyber-Stretch will be a present for my parents Prince Waldemar and Princess Antonia.”

Some data for the planned Stretched Royal Cybertruck:

  • Stretched body of car for 10 seats capacity with two first class sleeper seats in the rear
  • Autopilot mode to be controlled from the very rear owners first class sleeper seats
  • Division less full cabin with a front and rear steering wheel
  • LED flatscreen interior roof to show a cloudy sky or starsky or artistic patterns to entertain the guests or adapt to working light, chill lounge light or a party mode
  • Communication System to the exterior
  • Upgraded battery for extended 1000 miles reach
  • A mini fridge, coffee maker, water heater and alexa powered microwave oven for snacks
  • Solar roof for the AC during the vehicle standing times and additional charge
  • A Queen safety remote system where the security team can remotely steer the vehicle out of trouble in case of an attack or emergency encrypted with proven Tesla quality safety measures

Prince Mario-Max wants to reach out to Tesla and tuning providers to curate an A-Team of motorvehicle enthusiasts and wants to manage the vehicle adaption himself and provide advise for other interested parties in a Stretched Royal Tesla Cybertruck limousine line. He also welcomes any input via his social media what the stretch Cybertruck should look like under @princemariomax on Instagram or @prinzmariomax on Facebook

“The fastest, strongest, all-terrain Royal vehicle ever. I can not wait to see Queen Elizabeth II. cruise with her stretched royal cybertruck through Windsor and Highgrove and stun the crowds at Buckingham Palace, all green and electric through the nature she loves to preserve and always calls herself a custodian of”, Prince Mario-Max added. And: “Thanks to Elon Musk and his team for providing the world a Greta Thunberg approvable vehicle with safety measures and a production quality never seen before!”.


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