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IM DATA Global Annual Conference of Innovative Methods at Pasadena Convention Center


Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) a global data & AI ecosystem and their CEO Alex Liu put on the IM DATA Global Annual Conference of Innovative Methods with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Pasadena Convention Center.

RMDS has been building data and AI communities with a collection of data scientists worldwide since 2009.  RMDS Lab serves researchers and analysts worldwide with its RM4Es and Research Map based ecosystem technologies. One of RMDS’ focus is transforming research with big data and AI, while utilizing their advanced AI Ecosystem to elevate clients data knowability. RMDS global network has more than 33,000 participants.

Experts shared some simple realizations to business leaders attending the IM DATA Conference. It was aid in one of the seminars that in the age of information & globalization data and moreover big data is becoming a necessary part of modern everyday business. As was said in the movie Wall Street …Information is the value to capital. The ever increasing amount of data being shared and/or collected by governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, politicians, social media, and internet platforms can be overwhelming for businesses and companies trying to keep up and equal purposed performance to growth potential and increase of their bottom line.

Conference speakers noted there are many ways Big Data can be utilized to deal with these challenges for even the Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This conference provided the SME CEO or leaders insights on how to position themselves in this growing gaps created by Big Data & AI when competing in the marketplace.

One of the seminar panels was entitled Smart Cities: How To Use AI and Big Data in Public Infrastructure. This was an important seminar with some quality panelists including Mayor Pro Tem of The City of Duarte where the famous City of Hope Cancer Center resides who took a few moments on this panel from the demands of being the host of the IM DATA Conference.

In attending only part of one day of the conference it was witnessed that there were over 1,000 attendees on a rain filled Saturday. It was reported Friday was as big or bigger. It shows that there is ample need for information from business owners and managers for the information presented in this IM DATA Conference.

When one attends as many events as I do and in an area that has a large learning curve I look to see how the event is run. The event had a staff of friendly competent service oriented workers both company people and their volunteers.

As shown in the picture with David He herein above RMDS is an education and consulting service company. One of the leaders from the company said, “…give me your data and we will analyze it, and show you how to use your data and grow your company and bottom line.” I think all of us as business owners or leaders are interested in that.

Some of the services.


RMDS offers On-Line Learning

Onsite Training

A Certificate Program

Learning Courses

Big Data and AI

RM4E Analytic Workflow

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

RMDS is well known as a consulting company

They provide Data Infrastructure

Data Management

Data Science

Data Life Cycle

Impact Assessment

I sat in on Raising Capital for Data and AI Startups seminar and found it extremely informative and helpful. I would recommend contacting RMDS or any of the speakers for anyone wanting to learn more.

I also sat in of Big Data & AI in Media & Entertainment seminar. For me it was the best of the day. The Moderator Julia Pierrepont and panelists did a superb job. Questions were relative to the entertainment industry where Big Data (audience information) and AI development are critical to future Television & Film productions.

Over all the IM DATA was a great conference for business owners and leaders who seek to understand Big Data and AI and position their companies in the new world of globalization. Hollywood News Anchor and EMMY’s Judge Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe adds: A highlight for all tech savvy or interested leaders.

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