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A magical monograph on the history of art through the world of beauty.

A monograph on the history of art through the world of beauty Haisu Tain Launches a new book conference and art concept exhibition of Across the World Through Beauty at Chengdu IFS Yanji flagship store.


Haisu’s father is a Master Artist and designated as one of the top ten artist
in the world by the United Nations. One of the stories here is not only the
development of Haisu as an artist, singer and teacher but coming from a
family of talent, Haisu not only was educated in the ink and cultural
traditional strokes and histroicaql influences of art but developed a unique
style and modernistic blend of art, style and culture with her “Roller Skating
Painting Method.”

As the Creator of Marco Polo Panda Character I have a unique love for
pandas, art and music. So this book and its unique super panda symbol
poster pattern on the cover of the new book are striking.

This creative expression of the panda a warm atmosphere for the new book
signing with many dignitaries present including former provincial governor
Wang Hengfeng, Provincial Government Cultural and Historical Research
Center; Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Administration,
Deputy Consul General of the German Consulate in Chengdu, Consul
General of the Republic of Korea in Chengdu, Assistant Consul General of
the Kingdom of Thailand in Chengdu, and more than 200 people from the
arts, culture and readers filled the audience.

Dean Du Jie of Chengdu University's School of Overseas Education made a
warm speech. Art historian Tang Lin, director of the Provincial Academy of
Social Sciences Art Research Center, provided the academic significance
and contribution value of the book.

The event provided guests a panel with Doctor of the Chinese People’s
Congress, and Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy of
Sichuan University and Haisu to engaged in dialogues on various topics,
such as philosophy, art, life, and education and provided a deeper
understanding of the book and a background on the intention and feelings
of this talented and caring female artist.
Across the World of Beauty with its unique perspective and vivid texts,
interprets the context of both Chinese and non-Chinese fine art history and
classic works in detail in terms of plate structure and chronological order,
and interprets the international interpretation of world classic paintings
integrated with contemporary aesthetic concepts.

Haisu graduated from San Francisco Academy of Fine Arts with a
bachelor’s degree in 2012. Haisu returned to his hometown of Chengdu in
2015 after receiving a master degree from the California Academy of Fine
Arts located in San Francisco and was hired as an associate professor by
Chengdu University. Haisu is a visiting professor at Pace University in New
York, and the president of the Young Artists Branch of the China-US
Friendship Association. Haisu’s Ink paintings have won many international
awards, such as the Montpellier Art Gold Award in the United States, and
she has received the Outstanding Contribution Award from Pace University,
New York, and Special Contribution Certification from the United Nations
Headquarters. Her ink painting innovation research video was played and
reprinted 10 million times.

Haisu traces back to Chinese art classics from an international perspective,
and uses innovative thinking to nurture the spread of Chinese aesthetics.
She has combined her years of exploration of Chinese and Western art into
this book. In this book, she guides the complete historical context of
Chinese and Western fine arts with the guidance of the concept of modern

Experts commented that the book is novel, complete, and rich in content. It
has an irreplaceable role in todays vigorous promotion of life aesthetics,
and it can be called the Chengdu Gift dedicated to the world this year by
Creative Design Week. The purpose is to give a Chengdu perspective of
world art and to show the mission of contemporary young people, is
officially on sale to the public and will push Chengdu ’s creative design to
the world.

As an person who loves art I highly recommend this book to teachers and
students in the arts, and to art lovers of all ages and recommended it even to H.H. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, Hollywood Celebrity News Anchor and Royal who is a specialist on Asia.

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