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The Veteran, Athlete, Model, Hollywood Actor And Crypto Entrepreneur that Touches Our Hearts: Michael Vernon.

Michael helps. Michael Vernon is no stranger to visiting Ukraine . The last several trips included visits to orphanage summer camp program. This time it was a weeks trip to Kiev regional orphanages. Vernon was an orphan himself in  Ukraine at one time from  6-12 years old . He was adopted. The trips to orphanage mean giving back to Vernon .  As Vernon expresses with the feedback on latest experience visiting orphans, ” It’s about giving them hope , inspiring them by me being an example for them, letting them know that they need to make good choices in life, work hard and surround themselves with loving friends”. This time Vernon and his Uncle went to volunteer their time in the region of Kiev. Though a local ministry friend who runs a non profit “Freeway Kiev”. They decided  to collaborate. The non-profit is there to support , contribute and educate the orphans about life skill, acquire  basic knowledge to survive as an adult. Teach them to learn to be a productive, working citizen in life .

Kid Orphans. These efforts are short lived as the orphans do not have the needed adults to mentor them. This is the challenge for Vernon and the ministry . Not enough adults around to teach orphans the basic life skills needed to survive . The statistic, is that most orphans when turn 18, do not have the needed skills to survive a real world . Many boys and girls turn to drugs , young women get into prostitution and many die within 6 years from getting released from orphanages. Michael Vernon Spend Three of the days on the road traveling to the orphanages. Many road to the orphanages were practically non existent. In fact, while driving to Prolisok Orphanage, the road was blocked. They had to take a Long way around. The car ran out of gas .

While at the orphanage , this time he spend time with getting to know kids, Doing various Exercises , learning their languages and attempting to teach English . This was all and fun with  the kids.

Chernobyl Nuclear Desaster. The reality was that Polisok Orphanage  needed winter fortification, working showers and fresh water well. Prolisok Orphanage located is located within 45 miles form  Chernobyl nuclear fallout.

To recap Chernobyl, it is internationally know for its nuclear fallout . Up to a million people had to evacuate within the week followed the reactor  meltdown. This was in 1986. Today, Some people still feel the effect of the disaster . Not only did it create a national disaster but thousands of people died with many more to have serous health effect decades later . For those Safely reasons, living in the exclusion zone is illegal ; however,  still around 130 to 150 people do. Many are women, still farming their ancestral land in their 70s and 80s.  The main radioactive fallout from Chernobyl came in the form of iodine-131 and caesium-137. Caesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years before it decays.

While visiting orphanages in Kiev , spending time with kids , teaching them English and having a daily workout program was an essential bonding part of the program.  Michael and his small family has donated everything they are able but he still needs your help . The fresh water well alone costs $1200 to build. He was able to donate funds for a working shower , food and supplies; however, he needs you help with fresh water well.  A collaborate initiative with local non-profit organization is available below :

Freeway Kiev local ministry Organization link :

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If you wish to discuss Michaels current Philanthropic Endeavor and/or collaborate in the near future , his social media page :


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