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Los Angeles Fashion Weeks Radar: Sanctuary Fashion Week And Their Founders.

Sanctuary Is Fashion. Sanctuary Fashion Week makes its mark on the fashion week game yet again with its latest epic installment of what has been called the most unique and theatrical fashion week going these days. This must be due to the Sanctuary mission of creating such creatively encompassing platform for all types of creators such as the visual arts, music, dance, and, of course, fashion. Their inspiring and inclusive fashion week events are set against a backdrop of historic gothic cathedrals and cater to both a high end, as well as an emerging talent crisis of attendees.
Tough Competition. Boasting such a lineup of talent is now incredibly rare, but what certainly is different from most fashion week productions is their penchant for creating an almost theatrically inspired series of shows and performances that typically leave the onlookers in awe. Since the last Mercedes Benz fashion week in Bryant Park in NYC, the fashion week production industry has splintered off into countless entities, each having their own distinct way of presenting each seasons fashion trends in numerous markets. Sanctuary Fashion Week, however, seems to have taken the historically unchanged template and breathed a new light, a sincerity and an intimacy into it. A welcome addition to such a vibrant industry and a fantastic model that some other fashion week production companies are already emulating.
A Royal Host. During fashion week in Los Angeles in October, dynamic duo and founders of Sanctuary Fashion Week, Sir Kenn and Sir Korrie Gray Hayes, produced 16 high end designer fashion shows and had 8 musical and dance performances by well known artists. Hollywoods Celebrity Anchor His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe was the host of the prestigious event.
Top Designers. By all accounts, the series of shows was memorable and left front row celebs and other attendees wanting more and inspired by the fashion forward collections presented.  Some of the designers included; Ritual, Dell Scott, Dur Doux, Lindie Sayman Couture, & Love Baby J.
Disney and Lifetime Celebrities. Hip Celebrities even come in scores to be a part of both Sanctuary Fashion Week and their newly launched Sanctuary Magazine such as Aaron Spellings Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner (she received standing ovations after Prince Mario-Max welcomed her), Larry Namer the E! Television Founder, Disney notables Ava and Alexa Kolker, Txunamy, Solage Ortiz, Julia Garcia, Joelle Better, Kyra Lyn, Madison Freidman, as well as stars like Aaron Paul, Gustavo Gomez, Amanda Holley, MotoeHaus, Sangeeta Kaur, and many others.
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