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Cally Brooks of Daily Express Tabloid copied, pasted and published FAKE NEWS outed by Bookauthor

Robert W. Cabell is a book author, former New York Post editor and Aaron Spelling producer from Los Angeles and New York. He took a close look to Cally Brooks and analyzed her work:

“I am highly concerned how she copied and pasted false defamatory content about H.H. Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe from tabloid fabrications instead of reaching out to the Prince and his office. She is the worst example of how journalism should not be done and journalists get a bad reputation, interview requests denied and the industry gets harmed by fake-news this person Cally stands for! A disgrace for journalist, reporters and writers. I am shocked that Daily Express has people like her in their team, I hope they wake up soon and learn better!”, so the legendary American writer and producer.

She does not make her fabrications true, they are irrelevant, but she tries to harm people, and bring fakenews into the web for clicks.

“Cally Brooks is a clickbait troll, and can not be taken seriously! I hope she engages in other things than journalism asap, fabricating horror stories of bad quality might be up her par!”, adds Cabell.

Background: Cally brooks wrote a defamatory comment about real German Prince, His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, by copying a bullies (a guy named Alexander) comment against the Prince and publishing hate-speech against him.

The Prince is a German citizen and has the rightful and legal title in his name, so her baseless allegations are unacceptable within any journalist standards.

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