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Caroline Graham hit by Resignation Demand along Charlotte Griffith, Martin Robinson & Matt Strudwick

German Princess, Lawyer and Journalist investigated the dark conduct of #fakenews “reporting“ and character assasination at Daily Mail / on Sunday.

Https:// discloses:

RESIGNATION DEMAND for these Fake News “Journalists” aka HATE BULLIES & TROLLS, by Dr. Princess Antonia zu Schaumburg-Lippe: “Quit & STOP, my Royal advice ! ” 🛑
•Caroline Graham, Dailymail Bureau Chief Los Angeles
•Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter Daily Mail
•Charlotte Griffiths, Dailymail
•Bridie Pearson-Jones,
•Matt Strudwick, Dailymail
FOR their character assassination fake-news campaign against Prince Harry and Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe #Princeharry.

They falsely presented a German guy named Alexander Schaumburg-Lippe as superior head of the house of the following family, he has no position in or anything to do with: The Dr. Antonia Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe her husband Prince Waldemar and their son Prince Mario-Max Royal family! They even distance themselves from this Alexander guy!

PRINCE ALEXANDER SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE IS A FAKE HEAD, NOT of the HOUSE of Prince Waldemar, Princess Antonia and Prince Mario-Max and FAKE HEAD, NOT of the FAMILY OF Prince Waldemar, Princess Antonia and Prince Mario-Max, because he has NOTHING to do with them, NOTHING with their house, NOTHING with their family, NOTHING legally, he is JUST a german civilian with the SAME LASTNAME! SENIOR ROYAL is another fabrication for the Republic of Germany as solely PRINCE WALDEMAR has HIS name since 1940 way before this guy Alex was born!”, Robert W. Cabell states, “to STOP THE ABUSE of colleagues following this bully Alexanders narrative for his hate-speech”.

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