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Martin Robinson Chief Character Assassination Reporter of Daily Mail receives Legal Demand

Dr. Princess Antonia Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Lawyer, Politician and Investigative Reporter asks Martin Robinson to retract his fabrications or step down as Journalist: “Martin Robinson Fake Story, fake news and defamatory content is unacceptable for a trainee writer, so how does he get away with that calling himself Chief, that is a bad joke! He will need to learn ethical, correct and real journalism!”. The Princess is supporting the legal correspondence by her son’s law firm to Martin Robinson, Caroline Graham and Charlotte Griffith that published false and defamatory gossip in the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. “It has to be stopped one by one, legally, ins public and pointed out in the public. Fakenews are no news at all, fakenews are trash for bad people and hate articles are a form of mental illness!”

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