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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Tyler Hales Shaping New Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry – Smile Test Drive Wows The USA!

Getting cosmetic dental work done can be intimidating, complicated, and expensive–all of which can contribute to fear and indecision when it comes to committing to treatment. Cognizant of this, cosmetic dentist Dr. Tyler Hales has leveraged his expertise to help people navigate this challenging and tricky journey with ease. 

Orange County’s leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tyler Hales, is rapidly growing in popularity and renown with his creative solutions to barriers patients face when seeking cosmetic dental work. With his partner, Dr. Lincoln Parker, he owns and runs Hales Parker Dentistry, a practice-based out of South Orange County in California. Since 2013, the practice has provided quality comprehensive dental care to patients in the area and beyond, specializing primarily in cosmetic work, such as veneers and smile makeovers. 

Dr Tyler Hales’ innovative approaches are easing apprehension and revolutionizing the industry for patients interested in cosmetic dental work. He offers a Smile Test Drive, a groundbreaking solution that allows people to test out a new smile before making any crucial and definitive decisions. Specifically, it provides an interactive experience for his patients looking to get some veneers. “Patients get an opportunity to see what veneers would look like firsthand,” explains Dr. Tyler Hales. “I place a removable material on their teeth to improve the shape, color, size, and symmetry of the teeth to show them what is possible with veneers. My patients love seeing the potential of their smile in real-time.” 

The Smile Test Drive has helped countless patients determine the right treatments and solutions for their problems without the pressure of total commitment. Patients develop trust in Dr. Tyler Hales and leave with a clear vision of what is possible with their smile using veneers. His expertise allows patients to feel confident in moving forward with what can feel like a very intimidating procedure.

Another innovative solution Dr. Tyler Hales utilizes to help patients navigate their dental journey is Smile Virtual consultations. Patients submit photos of their smile, describe what they would change, and ask any questions they have. Dr. Tyler Hales creates a personalized video addressing their smile goals, the veneers process, and costs associated with the procedure. This enables the patient to approach the process with open communication and clear expectations before they even step foot in the dental office. 

As a testament to his experience and expertise, Dr Tyler Hales has been hailed as Orange County’s celebrity dentist. Several celebrities including Bravo TV stars Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm and Peggy Tanous of Real Housewives of OC have sought professional help from Dr. Tyler Hales. Madison LeCroy came to Dr. Tyler Hales for her 20 veneer smile transformation. “This new smile has been life-changing for me,” shared LeCroy, “The process with Dr. Tyler Hales was incredible. He was so welcoming and made it simple and pain-free. I don’t ever see myself going anywhere else,” she added.

On top of this, he stands apart from the crowd because of his passion for providing a comprehensive, holistic, and modern approach to cosmetic dentistry. With his unrivaled work ethic and the Smile Test Drive, Dr. Tyler Hales will undoubtedly continue to rise to the top of the dentistry scene while helping countless patients achieve their perfect smiles. 

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