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Los Angeles Zoo Goes Online – Bringing The Zoo To You.

During our closure, we’ll continue to share cool views of the Zoo, our animal residents, and our dedicated keepers to keep you informed, engaged, and connected while social distancing.

The Los Angeles Zoo – closed until May 14th so far – became aware today that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19. Samples from this tiger were taken and tested after several lions and tigers at the zoo showed symptoms of respiratory illness. As a fellow member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), our thoughts are with the Bronx Zoo as they care for their felines that have been impacted and bring them to a full recovery.

Upon hearing this news, the L.A. Zoo immediately set protocols in place for every cat species in our care, initiating the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and social distancing with these animals. The L.A. Zoo already practices these safety measures with our primate, binturong, and mustelid species. The L.A. Zoo will not be testing any of our felid, primate, binturong, or mustelid species at this time because none of them are showing any COVID-19 related symptoms. In addition, the USDA is not recommending routine testing of animals for this virus. Because the situation is ever-evolving, public and animal health officials may decide to test certain animals out of an abundance of caution. The decision to test any of our animals will be made collaboratively between local, state, or federal public and animal health officials and the Zoo’s animal health experts.

The health and safety of the Zoo’s animals is our top priority. Our animal health experts on staff are in communication with public health officials, along with local, national, and international veterinary networks, to stay up-to-date on animals in human care and any potential risks.

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