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Corona Virus – How To Detect, Protect And Heal From Corona And Flu In The United States.

Headlines pop up every day regarding the dangerous Corona Virus. Therefore put together an emergency information list regarding your safety from the Virus.

How to find out if I have the Corona Virus? How to find out if someone else has the Corona Virus?

The Coronavirus shares several symptoms with the flu, including fever, coughing and shortness of breath. This year in the United States, between 15 and 20 million Americans were infected with the flu, and prevention measures for the two ailments are largely the same:

  • Good hand washing,
  • good hand-hygiene,
  • preventing infectious disease,
  • like by getting your flu shot

To be protected against the Corona Virus, many suggest a mouth mask that is actually protecting from Viruses. It is very important to check the rating of the mask. Try to protect yourself. And avoid travel in areas with the virus.

For any Corona Virus questions or if you feel you might be affected do not wait and immediately visit your doctor or call for emergency help, as many virus symptoms can be treated well in an advanced medical environment. Also make notes where you think you have been exposed to help find others and prevent from a further spread.

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