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Monarchist Christmas Support for Her Majesty’s Forces

A Christmas Exclusive. Christmas is here and so is the time for acts of kindness and self-less giving to be undertaken. At this special and loving time of year there are many whom wish to celebrate but may not be able to participate in gift giving or festive feasting due to a variety of reasons. With many charities created for and giving to people less fortunate, there are others we may not think about whom would love to be with their families, eat a home cooked Christmas dinner, and even just have the ability to send a small token of love to their loved ones and close friends with something so little as a Christmas card.  For one man in particular, giving comes easy, especially around this festive time of year. 

For over ten years Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills has pledged his life to educating about Royal finances, the power behind the British monarchy, and the intricate complexities of the tangible and intangible shapeshifting abilities of The Crown. He has undertaken many acts of kindness over the years, and through his own personal businesses has donated toys and food to churches and toy collection drives. This year is no exception, however the cause he has chosen is one that makes a difference to not just one, but several nations. 

Patron Prince Mario-Max. With his organisation, The British Monarchists Society, of which he is Founder and is under the Patronage of His Highness, Prince Mario-Max of Schaumburg-Lippe, Mace-Archer-Mills has been busy supporting a new charity which supports Her Majesty’s Armed Forces serving overseas. Promoting the little-known charity Christmas Cards for Soldiers, Mace-Archer-Mills and the British Monarchists Society have donated 300 packs of blank Christmas cards to the cause, andhave undertaken further promotion of the charity via social media, encouraging others to join the cause to help provide Christmas cards for Her Majesty’s soldiers stationed in the Middle East.

Cards for Soldiers. The Christmas Cards for Soldiers charity exists to provide the opportunity for British soldiers stationed in areas which may not celebrate Christmas, or provide the ability in shops and other venues, to acquire Christmas cards to send to their families and loved ones. The charity appeals to the public for donations of blank Christmas cards for the men and women stationed overseas which can be sent from the United Kingdom, free of charge by Royal Mail, to different bases in the Middle East. The charity’s Facebook states, “Christmas Cards for Soldiers has been set up to enable anyone back home to send blank Christmas Cards to our soldiers that they can then fill in and send back home. For hundreds of years soldiers have been sending letters home and even with the advances in technology this still happens we can all agree there is nothing quite like a handwritten card from a loved one. The Facebook page only has a total of 431 likes, but it is the hope of Mace-Archer-Mills, The British Monarchists Society and the Sergeant whom started the charity that this number, as well as the donation of cards, will grow substantially. 

Books and Success. Proving his love for and desire to keep on giving not at just this time of year, but the whole year througha, Mace-Archer-Mills has successfully bounced back from a torrent of erroneous, poorly reported, and half-truth media stories with a barrage of social media bullying in the early summer of 2018. Mace-Archer-Mills has not become bitter and sour but has come back stronger and more resilient than ever in 2019. Throughout the year Mace-Archer-Mills has continued to provide education to people and charities around the world, undertaking a book tour for his latest Gourmand Award winning title, Their Majesties’ Mixers: When They Reign,

They Pour, writing a new children’s book series, The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet: A Royal Day Out, due out for Christmas in Italy and on Accession Day 2019 in the United Kingdom and America, and constantly giving to those around him. Christmas is the pinnacle of acts of selflessness and this belief is paramount to Mace-Archer-Mills. When we caught up with him to discuss the soldier’s charity and to ask why he and his organisation chose to support such a littleknown charity. He responded, “Christmas has always been a special time of year for me… it aligns with my inner thoughts and beliefs as to how we as humans should treat and act towards others. The world is lacking greatly in humanity and understanding, and I, my organisation and I, wanted to choose something that would make a difference to a very forgotten demographic at this time of year. When I was first told about the charity by a Sergeant in the Army who conceived the idea, and wishes to remain anonymous, I instantly knew it was the right charity to give to. Of course, being monarchists and supporting Her Majesty, The Royal family and The Crown, it only makes sense to give our attention and donations to her Armed Forces. I hope that we are truly able to make a difference to those serving overseas in Her Majesty’s name. We wish them and their families a very happy Christmas”. 

The Christmas Card for Soldiers charity can be found on Facebook @soldierxmas with directions on how to make a donation of blank cards to Her Majesty’s soldiers. 

We thank The British Monarchists Society –, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills –, and members of the general public who have and will donate to this wonderful charity. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas!  

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