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Scientists are developing a device that detects serious diseases in your breath

Based on an ancestral medical concept, a team of researchers has developed a new device for detecting in the breath some signs of serious pathologies.

Whether it feels good or bad, our breath speaks volumes about our lifestyle and our health. In the past, well before the arrival of current technologies, doctors could rely on breath and body odor to diagnose potential diseases. That is because several chemical compounds present in the breath betray the presence of heavy pathologies such as diabetes, lung cancer, or Parkinson’s disease. There is, therefore, an opportunity for researchers to diagnose these diseases without having to put patients through expensive and stressful exams.

If the bad breath can be explained by the consumption of certain foods, alcohol abuse or other criteria such as the copious and late meals, the researchers found themselves faced with another problem. Their analysis can be very easily skewed either by the metabolism of patients that changes according to various events such as a sudden change in weight or sexual activity.

The researchers first developed various instruments for measuring the level of certain compounds in the breath, for example glucose or acetone. But researchers quickly came up against various problems related to the significant costs of these instruments and techniques.

After several attempts, scientists have managed to create a more efficient device. Consisting of a light ring producing ultraviolet, filters and a camera, the camera manages to capture the molecules with greater precision and to render its analysis in the image.

Willie Davis
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