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For the Senate, glyphosate would be “less carcinogenic than red meat”

A forthcoming Senate report believes that no study “proves the carcinogenic nature of glyphosate”, and that this fear is a “French neurosis”. The controversial herbicide would be “less carcinogenic than cold cuts or red meat,” say the Senators.

The controversy of glyphosate is not about to end. A new report will be delivered to the Senate this Thursday, May 16, and it throws a stone into the pond: it goes completely against the warnings of the World Health Organization (WHO) on this globally used herbicide. Since 2015, WHO has considered glyphosate a “potential carcinogen.”

According to the senators of the Parliamentary Office for the evaluation of scientific and technological choices, there is indeed no study that “proves the carcinogenic nature of glyphosate.” Moreover, the reporter Pierre Medevielle and Senator UDI of Haute-Garonne denounces a “climate of hysteria” around the subject of glyphosate, become according to him “a French neurosis.” “Other products used in viticulture annoy me much more,” he says.

A “French neurosis”?

According to politicians, glyphosate is therefore “less carcinogenic than cold cuts and red meat.” Senators forget, however, the impact of this herbicide on soils and the environment.

After such announcements, the defenders of the environment are of course mounted on the niche. The MEP José Bové denounced common elements of language with the company Monsanto: ” It would be interesting to go further to know if the parliamentarians were approached,” announced Mr. Bové at the microphone of RTL, suggesting a possible influence of lobbies.

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