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NYC PR Tycoon Jon Marder Endorses Fabulous New Art Project – ‘Bouquet of Hope’ by Abhishek Poddar

The NYC PR Pope Jonathan Marder who is a former Vice President of The New Yorker magazine, Random House, Inc., and BBC Worldwide Americas plus a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and serves as a board member of The American Friends of Versailles and The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute has endorsed a wonderful new initiative called ‘Bouquet of Hope’.

The movement tries to create the largest bouquet of flowers in history. The ‘Bouquet of Hope’, a new initiative by Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bangalore, India and its founder Abhishek Poddar. His message is below. Their museum will soon become south India’s premier art museum with an existing collection of over 18,000 artworks from India and South Asia (and growing fast).

I was recently reminded of a time when my sister and I pulled off the surprise of their life for our parents’ silver wedding anniversary. The image above is the blossoming of that idea when we requested 25 of India’s well-known artists to create a single flower, one for each year of our parents’ married life together till then, in the artists’ own inimitable style. All we told our parents in the weeks leading up to the big day was that they were going to receive a very special bouquet of flowers from us. And then on the day of their anniversary, amidst all the beautiful flowers that poured in from friends and family from around the country, they wondered why our ‘bouquet’ had not yet arrived. In the evening, as they celebrated with friends, the ‘bouquet’ was quietly installed in their bedroom in just the way it is presented above. Their expressions of bewildered joy are unforgettable! 
Every image reminds us, as a family, of a friendship, an incident or a story behind each painting.

We have now created a website that allows people to upload a flower – be it an artwork, something from their garden, an embroidered motif, anything floral – as a symbolic gesture of hope against this pandemic that currently rages the world. 
We hope for this to become a beautiful global voice of hope that encourages and stands up against the despondency of COVID-19. Will you please join us and forward the bouquet to your dear ones?

Abhishek Poddar
(in case you wish to contact Abhishek to find out more about MAP, you can reach him at

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